Do you want to create content online? What are the chances of someone writing for us? How can I learn to write on a computer? How can a writer succeed? AI writer tools lately provide great help and save time.

Quality is key to achieving success in this day and age of online content. Quality articles and lots of articles generally equal higher revenue. Many AI writing tools are available on the market today. These tools help you automate your content creation process and help you improve your writing. 

How to Use AI Writing Tools for Best Content Results

There is no doubt that artificial intelligence (AI) writing tools are gaining popularity. With the help of these tools, businesses can save time and money on content creation. But with so many AI writing tools on the market, it can be challenging to understand which ones are worth using.

This blog post will give you an overview of several writing tools and how you can use them to create high-quality content. Each tool has its advantages and is worth checking out. When using artificial intelligence to create an article, you can try out some of these AI writing tools, enter your commands, and then have the machine complete your sentence, check your grammar, or create error-free sentences.

AI software writing tools will save hours of writing

In order for a blog to be successful, it is necessary to add new content frequently. Have you ever experienced writer’s block? Probably, but it’s natural, and with AI writing tools you can change this.

You enter a title and in a few minutes, you have an article that is well-written, to begin with. What is important for you to know is that AI content is not immediately ready for publication and copy/paste, but it is necessary to organize it.

I recommend you read carefully what the generator suggested. Pay special attention to fact-checking, correct some sentences to make the text more humane, fix grammatical errors and check for plagiarism.

Some AI writing tools have an integrated plagiarism checker, some don’t. I recommend Grammarly as a supplementary tool for editing an article both grammatically and stylistically and for plagiarism. Grammarly is a tool that offers excellent grammar help when writing, correcting any mistakes and even suggesting rewording a sentence to improve its meaning.

Our list of the best AI writing software tools

We will review some of the best tools available today. Read about Article Forge, Grammarly, Copimatic, Writesonic, Aniword,, Rytr, Copysmith, Inkforall, GrowthBar, Phrase,, Quillbot, and SurferSEO.

Table of content

  1. Article Forge
  2. Rytr
  3. Copymatic
  4. Writesonic
  5. Anyword
  7. Copysmith
  8. Inkforall
  9. Growthbar
  10. Grammarly
  11. Frase
  13. QuillBot
  14. Surfer SEO
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These AI writers offer a variety of features, including the ability to create titles, outlines, and content for blogs, Youtube, Social media post, emails, and more. Some of these programs even learn your style and structure.

Some of these tools are more expensive than others and you should consider your budget before purchasing, while some of them have a great free option for trying.

Article Forge – excellent human-like AI content

Article Forge is a powerful writing tool that uses AI technology to produce unique articles. Users can specify the target word count and other parameters, and the program will generate an article in about 60 seconds.

After the article is created, users can make final edits to the content before publishing. They can also specify the main keyword and subheadings. With these options, users can steer the article in the right direction.

Article Forge uses an algorithm that helps the program learn how to write articles. You can use a free trial to test the tool before paying for a subscription. Once you have set up your account, you can input keywords and set a target word count. 

The program will create an article for you within 60 seconds, after which you can edit and publish it.

Article Forge software can write nearly any type of content. It uses over 50 templates and provides an intuitive interface. In addition to this, the software also offers tutorials to help users get started. 

You can trust that the articles created by Article Forge will be unique and plagiarism-free. Its interface is easy to use and has many features that will make your writing process more manageable.

Pricing plans for Article Forge are very reasonable. The monthly cost is based on how much content you want to create. The basic package starts at $27, but you can pay as little as $13 a year if you pay in advance. 

If you use the software regularly, you can upgrade to a plan that offers unlimited words.

Article Forge features

  • AI-powered writer
  • Content passes Copyscape
  • Automatically posts to blogs
  • Bulk article generation
  • API Access

Article Forge AI pricing

  • Basic Article Forge plan $27 per month – up to 25,000 words per month
  • Saver plan $57/month. Up to 250,000 words per month. Custom use-case.
  • Unlimited plan $117/month. Unlimited words.

All plans have a 5-days trial period and if you order a yearly plan you will get a 51% discount price: $13, $27, $57

However, if you’re looking for an excellent human-like AI content-writing tool, Article Forge should be on your list.

RYTR – The most affordable AI writer for beginners

Rytr is an AI writer assistant that works seamlessly with multiple programs. It allows users to write about a variety of topics without writing experience. 

Rytr is a considerable advantage for writers who aren’t sure about their writing style that include a plagiarism checker and a grammatical checker to ensure that all content is original. Rytr is also one of the market’s most affordable AI writers.

If you are looking for a quality AI writing tool for your business, Rytr may be the perfect solution for you. It generates unlimited words each month, has over 100 templates, and supports above 30+ languages It can also write in over 20+ different tones. It also offers a plagiarism checker, a dedicated account manager, and good email support.

Rytr comes with free and paid plans that start at $9 up to $29 per month. In the Unlimited plan, you can use Rytr for as many pages as you want, and there’s no limit on the number of characters you can use. 

You can also create your unique use cases for Rytr by designing an example output and input field template.

Rytr is a powerful AI writing assistant that can produce various content types, including social media posts, emails, blog posts, and website content. For example, it has an AI Q&A generator that can help you create engaging responses to messages and reviews. 

It can also write SEO-optimized meta titles and descriptions. It can even come up with catchy headlines and creative lyrics.

Rytr AI pricing

  • Free Rytr plan up to 10,000 characters per month, Access 40+ use-cases, write in 30+ languages, access 20+ tones, built-in plagiarism checker, Access to premium community
  • Saver plan $9/month. Up to 100.000 characters per month. + Create a Custom use case.
  • Unlimited plan $29/month. Unlimited characters. + Dedicated account manager and priority email and chat support.

If you’re looking for an all-in-one affordable AI writer, Rytr should be on your list. In any case, you should test their free plan.

Copymatic – All-in-one AI writer solution

Copymatic is a powerful content-writing tool that uses AI to generate high-converting content. It has an AI language model called GPT-3, which allows it to understand the context and naturally create words. 

Copymatic - All-in-one AI writer solution

This will enable it to produce different content, from emails to social media copies. It uses over 50 creative writing tools and features a rewriting function to improve content. The user can adjust the amount of creativity and tone of voice to suit the content they are looking to generate.

Copymatic can help you generate rich and relevant content in a short amount of time. The tool has an easy user interface that allows you to make changes based on your preferences. The AI-generated content is easy to customize and comes with modules and a workflow that make it easy to use. 

Although it is more expensive than other AI writing tools, it is still an excellent alternative if you require a significant volume of text to be generated.

If you’re looking for an all-in-one solution for your content creation, Copymatic is the best choice. It has more than 50 tools and is affordable and easy to integrate. 

It is also the least likely to produce plagiarism content, with a 2% rate.

CopySmith pricing

Copymatic AI pricing

  • Free Copymatic plan trial up to 1000 words
  • The Starter plan of up to 50,000 words per month costs $27
  • The Pro plan is $49/month. Unlimited words per month. 

Copymatic is worth checking their outputs.

Writesonic – Article writer 3.0

If you’re looking for a writing instrument that operates artificial intelligence (AI) to generate content, Writesonic is worth a try. Writesonic is an AI writer that produces natural-sounding content, and you can sign up for a short trial for free.


Writesonic - Article writer 3.0

After you’ve signed up for a trial, you’ll have the option of paying monthly or yearly.

The Writesonic’s intuitive interface makes creating articles easy, and the tool also checks for grammatical errors. Moreover, it can generate articles for blogs, landing pages, emails, and more. It can also generate social media captions and meta descriptions.

The platform works well for various types of writing. Its interface is aesthetically pleasing and straightforward and doesn’t feel overloaded with features. You’ll find several options to choose from, including the number of outputs you’d like generated and the tone and style of the content. 

It also has a shallow learning curve, making it easy to start.

Writesonic has two types of plans Short-form for short content like Facebook ads, emails, product descriptions, YouTube descriptions, content rephrasing, paragraphs, Instagram captions, and more.

If you write a blog or book you should use a Long-form plan and make articles of more than 1500 words. Their Sonic Editor is a template that you should try; you need to start writing 20+ words and Sonic editor will start to generate a fantastic article.

writesonic free ai writer plan

 Writesonic AI pricing

Writesonic has a free plan that lets you try the software in 25 languages. You can also use the software to complete advertising material and generate articles. 

  • Free Writesonic Trial up to 2500 words. You can increase the word number in writing reviews about Writesonic
  • Short-form plan slider: $15 / 12,000 words up to $40 / 50,000 words per month
  • The Long-Form plan slider: $19 / 19,000 words up to $99+ / 160,000+ words per month

Writesonic also has a Pay as You Go option, which allows you to use the entire program with a single payment. Writesonic is worth checking

Anyword – produces optimized marketing copy

Anyword is an AI-driven copywriting software that produces optimized marketing copy. It combines language models for websites, social media, and ads to create SEO-friendly content incorporating relevant keywords for high conversion rates. 

Anyword - produces optimized marketing copy

This software is flexible and works for any content. Its features include predictive analysis and advanced AI language. The program is available in two tiers, a basic plan, and a pro plan.

The software is available in 11 languages and contains an extensive library of copy templates with more than 200 Data-driven Copywriting tools.

You can boost your ad copy with the Anyword AI Ad Copy generator. Your content will be interesting and relevant for all popular channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Google, and Twitter. Revamp your copy to target key demographics such as women, men, parents, seniors, or millennials.

Writing takes a lot of time, especially when you have to write a lot. But with the right writing software, you can focus on the finished product instead of worrying about finding the perfect ideas.

The AI-driven software is capable of optimizing campaigns in less time, and it also can create content for a range of target audiences. It can predict how well different messages will perform and provide writing ideas. 

Anyword also offers real-time feedback and allows you to estimate the impact of a piece of content before publishing it. As a result, Anyword boosts conversion rates and speeds up workflows.

Anyword prices

Anyword prices

  • The free trial version of Anyword is up to 1000 words
  • Basic Plan sliding scale: $29/20,000 words, $49/35,000 words per month, $59/65,000 words, $79/100,000 words, and up to $199 for 300,000 words; English language supported, multiple users
  • Data-driven plan slider: $30/30,000 words, $149/60,000 words per month, $249/200,000 words, $299 for 300,000 words and for unlimited words $399; 30 languages supported, Multiple users, Real-time scoring and analytics, Seo Score optimization.

It can be said that Anyword is one of the more expensive writing tools, but it is definitely worth trying the free version and seeing the quality of the output.

If you are satisfied, maybe 20,000 words per month will be enough for you. If you publish a lot of content or if you are an agency with several content creators, Anyword could be ideal. writing tools

Copy is an artificial intelligence program that uses an extensive text database to create original content and is a powerful tool that can help writers and marketers create content for websites. writing tools

Benefits include:

  • Writing original content.
  • Helping to tell you what you want to write about.
  • Understanding you.
  • Helping you avoid writer’s block.

You can even use it to speed up your content creation process. While it can’t replace a freelance writer, it can offer you an additional creativity boost. can also directly write content for landing pages, meta descriptions, and blog posts. It can also help freelancers and website owners create headlines and other website content. 

The software has a free trial version; you can try it for seven days. It has many features, including a grammar checker that flags common mistakes. And it can even translate content into a foreign language. and write SEO content is an AI-powered tool that instantly creates SEO content for you. Enter your topic and desired writing objective, and will generate SEO-friendly content for you.

AI writing tools can help you eliminate writer’s block in several ways. For one thing, they can help you refine your content with various features. 

For example, includes a sentence rewriter and a sentence simplifier to make your content more readable. The software provides a variety of templates and prompts to help you write more efficiently. 

Speeds up content creation. The program reads your input and suggests rewording, tracking, and other changes make your content more attractive and search engine friendly. 

It also learns your writing style and provides copy that matches. Copy ai is also available in over 25 languages, including Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, and Greek. 

It’s easy to use and includes features for creating blog posts and Facebook ads. It can even help you come up with headlines and rewrite your copy. 

You can even use the creative writing tool in a different voice than your usual writing. checks for plagiarism based on an algorithm that matches the text with a database of similar works. The database includes scientific articles, student papers, and articles published on the web.

It works in over 20 languages ​​and supports multiple file formats. This plagiarism detection tool has partnered with many educational institutions for over twenty years. pricing pricing

  • Free to 2000 words per month: One user, 90+ copywriting tools
  • Pro plan: a 7-day free trial of Pro Plan then $49/40k words per month and up to 300k words for $279. is worth checking. 

Copysmith – Ideal for Marketers, eCommerce, and creative agencies

If you are looking for a simple, automated way to write blog posts, Copysmith is the tool for you.

Copysmith - Ideal for Marketers

The tool generates outlines for your posts and allows you to insert extra headings and subheadings to your content. Copysmith will even create a free-form document that looks similar to a Google Doc and lets you add content as you go.

The software supports over ten content types, including product descriptions, SEO content, Facebook and Instagram ads, and more. It can also create tags and metatags.

The tool has a gratis trial, so you can test it before buying the full version. You can also choose the professional or team plan to unlock the tool’s features.

CopySmith is an excellent option for marketers, eCommerce teams, and agencies. But it also supports a wide range of use cases outside of eCommerce. Copysmith has over 30 different templates and a friendly dashboard.

Copysmith pricing

Copysmith pricing

  • CopySmith offers $19 – 75 Credits and up to 40k words per month which can be considered a good price that 40k words could be enough for solo freelancers.
  • Professional plan: $59 – 400 Credits and up to 260k words per month and 100% plagiarism checker

Very good price for a given amount of words, Highly recommended for eCommerce and agencies. Referral to Copysmith.

Inkforall AI writer

Inkforall is the first artificial intelligence writing software to use machine learning and advanced algorithms to write for you. It can help you with all types of content, including business plans, letters, reports, and scripts. 

Inkforall AI writer

It can also create article content such as news stories and blog posts and help you format documents.

The tool is a text editor or browser extension that provides automatic, high-quality writing. Its goal is to democratize the content marketing process and offer a robust solution at an affordable price. 

Another similar AI writer is Copysmith, a program that lets you quickly write and share quality content.

It offers unique features, including AI co-writing, SEO assistance, and distraction-free UI. It can also brainstorm ideas and write content for eCommerce sites. 

Its AI Co-Writing feature rewrites and extends sentences to improve its SEO. With the SEO Assistant, it incorporates the best SEO strategies into your content. It also provides score targets so you can optimize your content for high rankings on search engines.

Ink AI writer

Inkforall pricing

  • Ink Suite Free – free plan offer up to 5,000 words, 100 keywords, 3 Seo articles per month, 130 tools, Long form writer
  • Ink Suite Professional plan: $60 – unlimited words, SEO articles, and AI paraphrasing

Inkforall has a free mode, no credit card is needed and we recommend it for a try.

Growthbar writing tool

If you’re examining a way to improve your blog writing productivity, GrowthBar might be right for you. This software utilizes artificial intelligence to produce high-quality results that you can use to enhance your blog content. 

GrowthBar SEO

Growthbar can be used as a standalone web application or a Chrome extension. All you need to use GrowthBar is a Chrome browser and a Google account.

GrowthBar comes with a free trial, which is ideal for newbies to content marketing. The AI writing tool offers an idea generator and SEO metrics that help you write better content and improve your search engine rankings. Moreover, it allows you to insert royalty-free stock images into your content.

GrowthBar has a simple interface priced reasonably at $48 per month after a free five-day trial. It also has a feature to spy on competitors and perform keyword research. 

It’s easy to use and comes with a 25k word limit. Depending on the complexity of your content, GrowthBar can even write a blog article outline for you in seconds.

GrowthBar pricing

GrowthBar pricing

  • GrowthBar standard plan $29 per month – 25 AI content outlines, Unlimited AI blog posts, Unlimited AI meta description, and many other features, Up to 2 users.
  • GrowthBar PRO plan: $79 – 100 AI content outlines, Unlimited AI blog ideas, 500 AI Paragraph Generations, Unlimited Keyword Research…
  • GrowthBar Agency plan: $129 per month and 300 AI Content Outlines and up to 10 User accounts.

Growth bar referral link

Grammarly – A must-have tool for anyone who creates content

Grammarly is an AI writing tool that offers proofreading features. It has a variety of rules and can combine various types of information to produce an accurate grammar analysis. 

Grammarly - A must-have tool for anyone who creates content

It also adjusts to the specific situation at hand. In addition to checking your writing, Grammarly provides you with options to edit specific parts of the content.

Grammarly’s AI system was trained on high-quality training data created by human researchers. This training data contains examples of grammar, spelling, and punctuation. 

The program’s algorithms can detect any errors in your writing and improve your style. It can also see overused words or improperly used punctuation.

The AI system in Grammarly works by combining approaches from machine learning and natural language processing. The goal is to teach computers how to understand human language. 

Using machine learning, Grammarly can correct individual words, sentences, and paragraphs of text. In addition, Grammarly offers tone adjustments to help you write more persuasively.

Grammarly pricing

Grammarly pricing

  • Grammarly free plan – Grammar, spelling, punctuation, conciseness, tone detection
  • Grammarly premium plan – $12 per month
  • Grammarly business plan – $15 per month – ideally for teams, organizations, and enterprises.

Grammarly is different from other AI writing tools and will not create content creation but will do all grammar, spelling, and writing corrections for existing articles. Another great feature is a handy plagiarism checker.

We highly recommend using Grammarly and other AI writing software tools if you are a content creator. writing tool is a powerful artificial intelligence writing instrument that can assist you in creating better content faster. In this study, we’ll look at how works and what it can do for your content marketing efforts.

Frase IO writing tool is designed to help you research, write, and optimize your content. It uses artificial intelligence to analyze large data sets and identify patterns in how people search for and consume information.

This allows to provide insights into what topics are most popular, what questions people are asking, and what type of content is most likely to be shared.

In addition to helping you research and write better content, Frase IO can also optimize your existing content for better search engine visibility. It analyzes your content and identifies opportunities to improve your title, metadata, and keywords. pricing pricing offers a 5-day trial for only $1. Cancelation is anytime.

  • Solo plan – 1 user, 4 articles per month. 20,000 Characters per month
  • Basic plan – $44 per month – 1 user, 30 Articles, 20,000 AI characters
  • Team plan – $114per month – ideally for teams, 3 users, Unlimited Articles is worth checking out if you’re looking for a writing tool to help you create better content faster.

Use our referral and get a 60% discount on your first month!

Outranking AI writer

If you are glancing for an AI writing mechanism to help you create the best content possible, look no further than the Outranking AI writer.

Outranking AI writing tool

This powerful tool uses artificial intelligence to help you research and write your content, so you can be sure that it’s of the highest quality.

To use the Outranking AI writing tool, enter the topic of your article and let the tool do its magic. It will research relevant information and develop a well-written essay for you in minutes. You can then edit and revise it as needed or simply publish it as is.

The Outranking AI writing tool is invaluable for any content marketer or blogger. With its help, you can easily create high-quality articles that will help you rank higher in search engines and bring more additional traffic to your site.

Outranking Pricing

Outranking IO pricing

Outranking offers a 5-day trial for only $1. Cancelation is anytime.

  • Outranking Solo plan – $79, 1 user, 10 articles, unlimited AI
  • Outranking Pro plan – $149 per month, 30 articles, unlimited AI, 1 team member
  • Outranking Pro plan – $219 per month, 30 articles, unlimited AI, 2 team members

Outranking is worth checking out if you’re looking for a writing tool to help you create content with SEO integration. 

If you are unsure and want to try Outranking, they offer 50% off your first month with the code 50FOR30.

QuillBot: This tool can help you rephrase and paraphrase your writing.

QuillBot is an AI writing tool that helps you edit and improve your writing. It offers a range of features, including Standard, Fluency, Expand, Shorten, Formal, Simple, and Creative modes. 

QuillBot paraphraser

QuillBot also provides users with real-time feedback to see how your changes will affect your document before making them. 

It uses natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning to understand your text and suggest improvements.

The tool is easy to use. Just enter your text into the editor, and Quillbot will suggest how to improve it. You can also click on any proposed changes for a more detailed explanation.

Quillbot can be a valuable asset for any content creator, whether you’re a professional writer or just getting started. It can help you improve your writing skills and produce better content faster.

QuillBot pricing

QuillBot IO pricing

  • QuillBot Free plan – 125 words in paraphraser, Standard and Fluency models, three synonym options, 1200 words
  • QuillBot Premium plan – All from the free PlanPlan + faster processing, advancer grammar, compare models, plagiarism checker, and tone detections annual $50, Semi $40, and monthly $10.

SurferSEO – AI Tool for SEO writing, analyzing, and SEO boosting

If you’re looking for a new metric to boost your rankings, you’ve come to the right place. The content score metric is a game changer for skilled SEOs. It’s an automated way to speed up your content analysis and ensure your content ranks well. You can read about Surfer SEO here.

To get the most out of this metric, you need to benchmark your content against other pages with awesome content. SurferSEO has a Content Score metric that’s worth a try.

SurferSEO Content Editor

The SurferSEO Content Editor is an automated, real-time editor that compares the content of your website to the content of other pages on your target keywords. Using the Surferseo editor, you can determine the relevance of your content and refine your content strategy to increase your content score.

Surferseo editor is a must-have tool if you’re looking for a more personalized approach to content marketing.

Surfer content editor

In addition to reviewing keywords and content scores, you should also pay attention to the optimal structure of your first 100 words. It’s best to incorporate the exact keyword in the first 100 words to boost its relevance.

Also, it’s essential to keep the text under a certain length and to separate paragraphs into digestible chunks. Moreover, good content pieces should appeal to a variety of audiences.

SERP Analyzer

SurferSEO SERP Analyzer is a powerful tool for analyzing the performance of your website. It features over 500 ranking factors and examines the competition for any keyword.

It also allows you to filter results based on average, exact, and other metrics. The tool is straightforward and provides a downloadable report in a spreadsheet format.

The tool analyzes search results in-depth using correlational SEO and LSI keyword analysis. It also analyzes over 500 on-page signals to give you a holistic view of your website’s performance.

The tool also offers flexible pricing, allowing you to pay only for the number of queries you want to analyze. This can protect you a lot of time when performing SEO.

Keyword Research

SurferSEO is a website that helps marketers and business owners with keyword research. It is a free tool that enables users to input and research keywords. It also has an extension called Keyword Surfer, which allows users to dive into data and analyze keywords. The tool also generates keywords and estimated CPC for Google Ads campaigns.

The keyword research tool can help build link-building opportunities. It can display search results based on desktop and mobile, so you can see how your keywords are performing in different environments.

The tool also provides insight into how competitive your niche is in terms of keywords. You can use this information to develop new content and blog ideas.

Competitor Analysis

SurferSEO has a competitive analysis feature that lets you see how your website compares to your competitor’s sites. The tool has many features and can be used manually or automatically.

The tool allows you to copy and paste headings from your competitors’ articles and view statistics used by these competitors.

This tool is a great way to find out who your competitors are. You can also check out the links of your competitor’s websites to see how they compare to yours and can see which competitors dominate the SERPs and which lag behind.

You can also do a keyword gap analysis to see where you can improve your website’s search engine rankings.

SEO Audit Tool

SurferSEO is an SEO audit tool for e-commerce sites. It gives detailed information about your website’s SEO elements and how well your page fares against competitors.

For example, it will show you how many links are pointing to your audited URL. Similarly, it will tell you how many pages are related to your target keyword. It can also give you specific recommendations regarding using H2-H6 tags and bold.

Surfer SEO Audit

Another great thing about this SEO tool is its user-friendly interface. It highlights all relevant information and makes it easy to follow along. You can view changes in real-time. The content editor’s menu is also easy to use.

Surfer SEO pricing

SurferSeo pricing

  • SurferSeo Basic plan – $49 – Up to 2 websites, 10 Write and optimize articles with Content Editor, 20 audits, 1 member
  • SurferSeo PRO plan – $99 – Up to 5 websites, 30 Write and optimize articles with Content Editor, 60 audits, 3 team members
  • SurferSeo Business plan – $199 Up to 10 websites, 70 Write and optimize articles with Content Editor, 140 audits, 10 team members

SurferSEO is the perfect solution for boosting websites and blogs so should be used in consideration.


You can use AI writing tools to improve your content results in several ways. By bearing the time to understand the different options and how they work, you’ll be able to find the most suitable solution for your requirements.

Whether you’re seeking help with grammar or want someone to proofread your work, these tools can be a valuable addition to your arsenal.