Be familiar with the Crypto & Bitcoin Affiliate Programs

Crypto affiliate programs can help monetize specific crypto users highly targeted manner. Bitcoin Affiliate programs can provide recurring revenue that will last several months or years, depending on your site. 

Unfortunately, the program is enormous in scope. Finding the best one can often be very expensive. We were lucky that our researchers did everything for us! We searched the web for the best bitcoin affiliate network available. It gives an overview of the results.

Bitcoin offers an attractive niche because it is still relatively new, and there have been some product launches every day. However, finding the most trustworthy bitcoin referral program may seem tedious, and that’s why we created the list for you.

Currently, crypto affiliates have enormous earning potential. Some pay Bitcoin which makes it very easy to get Free Bitcoin.

10 Highest Paying Networks for 2022

It is unknown that many people can earn money using cryptocurrency, and there are various ways to do this. There are many reasons to be afraid of missing out on cryptocurrency. 

Cryptocurrencies are growing daily, and many other firms host affiliate programs to get their customers. Several companies are built around cryptocurrencies, as they are incredibly lucrative. Let’s get down here with some good cryptocurrency affiliates.

Let’s have a look at our list of the best bitcoin and crypto affiliate programs.

CoinLedger – The best Cryptocurrency and NFT tax software.

CoinLedger emerged as the best bitcoin and crypto and NFT accounting software available. Connect your exchanged and digital currencies with CoinLedger, and you get a simple calculation for tax on every transaction within minutes. 

Embrace the form and send it to a qualified tax professional for approval. CoinLedger has 12 billion in transaction volume, and they are partnered with leading products in the tax software industry as their platform for investing in Cryptocurrencies for all of their investments. More than 300,000 investors have already trusted Coin Ledger.

Affiliates generate a total of more than $50,000 per month through the promotion of the tool. Affiliates receive a 25 percent recurring commission forever through the program.

CoinLedger is the best software for DIY tax prep. You can input 1 stop-shop partnership with Turbo Tax to generate accurate, reliable, and efficient taxation results in minutes rather than hours.

The Coin Ledger affiliate program is easy to register for, just need to create login parameters that is it; you can use your referral link and promote instantly.


Another popular name in the digital currency industry — Trezor, enables your cryptocurrency to be securely and securely held offline in a computer environment. It can be straightforward in building credibility with your brand. 

For those who are interested to read more about Trezor and securing NFT.

Trezor affiliate programs earn 12-15% from referrals. We love that it pays with cryptocurrency and bitcoin. Hardware wallets are firmly established within the advanced crypto-technical industry. This can help leverage your existing customer base and be an excellent type of affiliate marketing strategy.


Bybit is an alternative crypto platform that has recently risen in popularity. You probably saw these on Twitter, YouTube, or elsewhere if you are connected to this industry. 

Bybit is the first exchange to support non-fungible tokens, which allow users to trade digital assets like art, collectibles, and in-game items.

Bybit’s NFT games are fun and easy to play, even for beginners!

They offer an outstanding type of affiliate program, and affiliates earn good money by promoting derivatives exchanges. 

The Bybit affiliate program allows you to make commissions from people you refer to and those you refer to that refer another person and get paid quickly. These pyramids can produce the best result. Please check out our Bybit affiliate link. It’s a great way to start your journey.


Paxful offers bitcoin buying and selling. They invest a lot of time and resources into developing and promoting their types of affiliate programs which will be highly beneficial and profitable. 

The Paxful affiliate program gives users 50% of the escrow fee every time one of your affiliates buys Bitcoin through their website through or other platforms. 

The affiliate network may email you and ask for payment when your affiliate sells bitcoin for more than $10 worth. Instant cash-out.

Another powerful feature of Paxful is that you receive a 10% affiliate commission for referring users to buy Bitcoin from your extended network.


HaasOnline is an automated trading platform for advanced investors, which has been a substantial success since 2014. Like Cryptohopper, HaasOnline is a TradingBot that automatically trades for you using a profitable trading strategy. 

The software is available to trade across all exchanges. HaasOnline affiliate programs have robust competition. They have paid more than $1,216,962 to their affiliates, promoting their products. HaasOnline Affiliate Program is a way to earn up to 25%.


SimpleSwap is credited with providing an easy and quick crypto exchange platform. Customers can swap more than 500 digital currencies for Bitcoin. It’s even available for free to register. 

In addition, the platform allows affiliates to promote their products easily. The affiliate links are included in a 30-day cookie lifetime, and a 5% revenue share is valid for 30 days. For widgets or APIs, they offer a custom 2% partner fee. SimpleSwap’s affiliate programs are chosen due to their low withdrawal limit.


Kucoin is a popular cryptocurrency exchange platform worldwide. One in three crypto holders is using Kucoins. These opportunities give affiliates great potential to promote their platform. 

Kucoin affiliate companies may get up to 55% of their trading fees depending on the individual users on board the platform. It’s the competitively cheapest exchange rate in the business. 


As more retail investors purchase or sell cryptocurrencies, they continuously seek out more automated tools and services that can help with trading. 

CoinRule is one of the most accessible trading software tools available. The rules include stopping loss rebalancing daily, high-performance daily top performing daily. 

CoinRule affiliate programs give affiliate members 20% recurring commissions on their plans. This is great for Affiliates whose crypto audience loves automated trading!

Bitcoin IRA

More than 1 million Bitcoin users are enrolled in the Bitcoin IRA. Investing in retirement accounts is an excellent way to reduce your taxes and save on your investments. 

The fact is that cryptocurrencies are incredibly attractive when investing in IRAs. This will protect a lot of your wealth. 

BitcoinIRA Affiliate programs allow customers to earn up to $75 per referral enrolled with their Bitcoin account. This is a perfect choice for some affiliate marketers. 

How do affiliate programs work? 

Affiliate programs help companies create profiles on their platform by allowing them to choose which brands they are trying to promote. These programs create unique links for affiliates to share with their users. 

Affiliates get a commission for clicking links and purchasing products. The company uses affiliate marketing programs to improve sales. The program is built on platforms featuring tracking systems to identify the affiliate network.

Before the promotion, you must know their compensation program. This article will take more detail on the most profitable crypto-advertisers and why.

Ledger Wallet – Best Crypto Affiliate Program with a Variety of Hardware Wallet Offers

In 2014 Eric Larchevque created the Ledger wallet, a cryptocurrency-exchange platform for beginners. You must come across Ledger when you talk about bitcoin wallets. 

It also holds a significant influence on crypto wallet hardware. Ledger, an industry-leading developer for cryptocurrency, is a full bitcoin affiliate and you get commission directly to your bitcoin wallet and offering users an affiliate program that gives them the chance to make Bitcoin payments. 

Joining as an affiliate will get you a lot in return! In addition, a list of websites can be provided concerning other websites. Those who purchase from Linkedin receive 5% – 15% commissions. Commissions: 10% per sale.

CoinSmart – Simplest Commission Structure

CoinSmart is very sensitive, unlike other exchange providers specializing in cryptocurrency transactions. 

A FINTRAC-registered financial services firm indicates it follows regulatory regulations and has completed the necessary documentation to maintain its license. 

It was designed for CoinSmart to help eliminate an incredibly enigmatic aspect of crypto by simplifying everything involved to understand. Suitable for beginners as well as experts. 

Users can register a new account to start trading in a few minutes. Commission:  $50 CAD; $20 CAD after they verify and an additional $30 CAD after they fund their account. Affiliate payment methods: Cash Pro – Quick verification.

LocalBitcoins – Best Crypto Affiliate Program for Buying & Selling BTC for FIAT Cash is a peer-to-peer marketplace that matches local Bitcoin buyers and sellers for trades all over the world.

LocalBitcoins offers to buy Bitcoin with local currency, and you could link to as LocalBitcoins affiliates such as country list and payment methods list. As they are Bitcoin affiliates, your earnings are paid to your bitcoin wallet.

LocalBitcoins affiliate

Visitors can count on your affiliates for 3 months. Bitcoin coins are credited every day in Localbitcoins wallets by the affiliate. Commissions must wait a minimum of one year after receiving payments. 

For users to earn money, commissions (taxes) are calculated. All affiliate users will receive a notification of termination from their local Bitcoins website at any moment. You could cancel the affiliate program if you feel violate the agreement.

Coinrule – Best Crypto Agent Bot Affiliate Program

Coinrule allows users to collect commissions through referrals. You earn through every single trade and not just their registration. It has no limitations on making. 

As an affiliate, you are welcome to advertise Coinrule in any manner you desire. Affiliates may be paid 30% of their sales, which is enormous when you combine several heavyweights. 

Commission: 30% Affiliate payment methods: PayPal, Bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies. 

Pros. Simple and easily accessible dashboards. Excellent reports from affiliates. Straight forward payout system. Cons. Some comparatively small affiliate payout methods.

BitStamp – The longest-running crypto exchange platform

BitStamp offers crypto trading services. Yet it’s an initiative many will ignore but shouldn’t. You should even assume it if you are pursuing promoting marketing campaigns. 

You earn up to 50% from every trader and can make $500 per referral if the affiliates refer you. 

Each time a person accepts your invitation link, they are repaid. It goes beyond. Like any other affiliate program, your referee must complete their initial deposits or trades within this time frame. Commission: up to 50% affiliate payment methods Cashpros. Low transaction charges. High liquidity.

Paxful – Best Crypto Affiliate Program for BTC, ETH, and USDT

The Paxful Affiliate Program allows users to make money by promoting Paxful to their networks and contacts. Upon completing your trade, you may earn up to 50% of the cash advance commission or up to 10% of the escrow fee if a third party makes the referral. 

Except where affiliate fees are under 11%, 1 percent escrow fees apply to any affiliate sale. The affiliate fees will vary from 1%, depending on the escrow rate. Successful Affiliates Must Decide Creatively Where & Where To Recruit Affiliates to Get Tier 1- & Tier 2 commissions.

Bitfinex – Best for recurring commissions

If you want to become a Bitfinex affiliate, you should open a Bitfinex account first. They offer margin trading, as well as having several in-house indicators for both Bitcoin long and shorts. They also support fiat trading, deposits, and withdrawals.

Bitfinex first prioritized its clients’ safety, not because of consecutive hacks soon after its inception, but because the company wants to ensure that client funds stay safe. To do this, Bitfinex stores customer funds in a cold storage system and spreads them out across different geographic locations.

Joining a Bitfinex Affiliate Program can help increase your cryptocurrency income. If you like trading, you can join Bitfinex to promote your social networks and earn unlimited profits. 

Access to Affiliate Dashboard allows you to create/publish individual invitation links for your website. Using your site, you can count on them being referred. 

As your affiliate business grows, you’ll gain additional revenue. The crypto affiliate network allows you to collect commissions up to three times from referral networks.

Former, now CoinLedger – Best Cryptocurrency Tax Software Affiliate Program

Cryptotrader (CoinLedger) is given 25% of profits by its affiliates. It’s quite a big offer considering most referrals to their website will likely remain there for quite some time. 

The best thing about the platform is the simplicity of promotion. This means you can earn referrals using the software that helps you reduce crypto tax bills as much as possible. 

Commission: recurring 25% commissions affiliate payments method: Fiat currency via Paypal pro: excellent recurring commissions structure – reliable affiliate program tracking Pros.

Changelly – Best New Crypto Affiliate Program

Changelly’s youngness has allowed it to become among the top cryptocurrency platforms in the world. With Changelly, users can buy more than 150 cryptocurrency currencies without needing additional deposits.

The currency exchange rate for a cryptocurrency exchange is fixed. If you wish to earn money through the Changelly affiliate system, you can use Changelly from our website placed on the right column to exchange almost all currencies and cryptocurrencies, or simply if you want to buy Bitcoin via our affiliate link:

You will receive up to 50% if a referral is registered with Changelly, regardless of how it was done. Your affiliate is yours for a lifetime and gives you a great opportunity to grow your Bitcoin balance as Changelly is a Bitcoin affiliate system and your earnings go directly to your BTC wallet.

Coinbase Affiliate Program – Best referral trading commissions

Coinbase aims to make a more equitable world with decentralized currencies. But that’s mainly where the global currency system is heading – and where the fiat currency is not needed. 

Members of their affiliate program receive some of their trade fees for referrals. Furthermore, Coinbase is not restricted in the number of users it can serve, so affiliate commissions are virtually unlimited. 

The Impacts are responsible for running the Coinbase affiliate program. The experience should make you want to get in touch.

Mexc Affiliate Program – High Commissions from 30% to Possible 80%

MEXC exchange

MEXC is a world-leading digital asset trading platform that offers users a safe and convenient way to exchange cryptocurrency, backed by top-of-the-line security technologies and committed to becoming the premier global marketplace for crypto exchanges. Read the full Mexc review to learn more.

The MEXC affiliate program offers a wide range of commissions. Starting from 30%, usually up to 45%, and up to an incredible 80%. To learn about MEXC and other affiliates have a look at our list of the best crypto affiliate programs.

For a commission of more than 50%, you need to have an MX token, and depending on the amount of MX tokens you have, the commission depends on the percentage. Getting 80% commission requires you to join a MEXC community supernode pool.

Trezor Wallet – Best Hardware Crypto Wallet Affiliate Program

After registering with the Trezor affiliate network, you will receive 12% to 16% commissions on each sale you recommend. The cost of VAT is deducted from the total sales price. 

Trezor has developed its affiliate support system. Depending on customer requirements, the team will make you a custom creative while banners, text, or movies can be used—request assistance from an account manager for any detailed information. 

Affiliate Partner account is accessible online anytime and any day using their affiliate website.

Binance – Overall Best Crypto Affiliate Program

Binance’s upcoming referral program offers a 0% incentive to trade Bitcoin. However, for each friend you invite and he deposit at least $50, both will get $100. Binance has announced the double-down of the trading fee for users with 500 BNB and more. 

Binance pays the commissions in real-time, giving the company a competitive advantage against traditional affiliate schemes. You can register with Binance by using the registration page. You can log in with an email address and password. If you sign up, you will need verification of the email you provided.

CoinMama – Lifetime referral commissions

Coinmama payments come monthly (paid towards the end of a month later). Payment will begin after three successful orders are made from three users. I guess that’s what happens. 

Make your referral link on Coinmama and earn some commissions from it.

  • Coinmama partners with readers to earn up to 30% commission on purchases.
  • Coinmama is a Bitcoin affiliate and with Coinmama, you can get paid in the currency of your choice. They offer a variety of currencies including Bitcoin, dollars, euros, or shekels.
  • Earn on your referral’s purchases for life

Stormgain – One of the highest paying Crypto Affiliate Programs (up to $1200 CPA)

StormGain is a crypto trading platform, you might have an idea of how you can start an affiliate program. 

Affiliates can earn up to 35% per trade and up to $1200 per referral. StormGain users can select from several options: Forex, stocks, and CFDs on the biggest markets in the world, including Australia.

Affiliates can also funnel referral traffic to the affiliate network if they want a flexible system. Affiliate payment methods: Cash/debit cards/credit cards.

eToro Partners – Best Crypto Affiliate Program with a Social Trading Platform

eToro Partners eToro partner network includes a large and complex network of affiliate partners. Currently, the network is expanding at a staggering rate. 

The new Copy trading platform allows the user to follow a trade from another user and copy its tactics automatically. Despite its popularity, the social trading site is the largest in the world, and eToro has a daily membership of around 3 million users.


No surprise, Coinbase’s affiliate program drives results to promote its products or services. Coinbase has several advantages in attracting people to the cryptocurrency industry. 

Coinbase affiliate

It’s good to leverage that knowledge. This affiliate program pays all trading fees for a minimum of three months for Coinbase users. There’s no boundary on how many individuals you can contact on your website.

To start with, you must apply. Once approved, the promotion can be launched through customized affiliate links. It includes a variety of slick advertising tracking and affiliate reporting capabilities. It’s not like a book, but it’s about a series of stories and stories.

ChangeNow – Best Crypto Affiliate Program for Quick Approvals

Despite not delivering high commissions on the market, it’s worth the time you spend on the program to try and improve. Its advantage lies in being extremely simple to use. All you have to do is take benefit. 

Start by going to ChangeNow’s site. Then click “Partners.” Commission 0.4% Affiliate Payment Method: Cryptocurrencies pros.

Best Affiliate Programs out of Crypto That Produce the Highest Commissions

Each day thousands of publishers receive recurring revenues and revenue. An affiliate marketing program can be a suitable method of monetizing an online blog, especially if it does not offer a service for sale in an online store. 

Affiliate programs allow you to gain free access to exclusive content or offers that your audience will enjoy and earn more. Affiliate programs range from online courses to web building to business affiliates. 

Best Beauty Affiliate Programs

Commission: 15%. Cookie life: 30 days. Ulta is an ideal brand for beauty enthusiasts wanting affordable and high-end cosmetics. Ulta is well known for a range of services suitable for large audiences. Ulta’s e-commerce partners earn 11% of revenues. 

Even though that may not seem like it, the brand ranks #2 in the online beauty industry, so readers are probably already familiar. You will have a dynamic banner and a link on the website to promote the Ulta product. The company offers regular offers, including free shipping and free merchandise, helping you increase your sales.

Best Website Builder Affiliate Programs

There are many website builders on the market that offers affiliate programs. Shopify is one of the most known. Let’s see closer.

Shopify’s affiliate program is a self-hosted affiliate marketing program

The Shopify affiliate program offers a number of benefits for affiliates. Affiliates can earn a commission on paid referrals and don’t have to worry about upfront costs or risk.

Shopify affiliate program

The Shopify affiliate program also offers a range of banner sizes and supports deep linking. It also features a standard 30-day referral period. This means that if a customer signs up for Shopify within this timeframe, they will be eligible for a commission.

Shopify’s affiliate program is a great option for affiliates who want to maximize their earnings. Affiliates can promote Shopify products using any channel, including social media networks, email marketing, online reviews, and blogging.

The Shopify affiliate program offers access to the entire audience of affiliate partners, and affiliates can introduce thousands of new customers to their stores.

20% commission when you subscribe with an active subscription for at least two months. Cookie lifespan: 30 days. 

Shopify demonstrates a true market leader in dropshipping business. Shopify is the best online shopping solution that will give you all of the tools to create and operate a successful online shop. Relying on how much time you have for a website to build & sell products and services, Shopify is a good option.

Best Online Course Affiliate Programs

Continually 30 % cookie Life 90 Day Thinkific is a powerful and comprehensive platform for promoting knowledge, growing the audience, or scaling up your business. 

The platform allows the creation and marketing of on-demand courses and membership websites under the company logo. If a Thinkific affiliate is an excellent fit, your audience will be comprised of Thinkific associate partners who make a maximum of $1700 per referral every year. Commissions: 35% recurring.

Best Travel Affiliate Programs

Provision of 20% + 10% of return customers Cookie life: 30 days. Boatbookings is a luxury charter boat rental company. Boatbookings pays commissions based on net charter value. Affiliates earn 20% of the commission base rates; there’ll also be the opportunity to increase the commission rate when referring customers. If customers return to Boatbookings, affiliate sales earn 5% of their first purchase.

Best Retail Affiliate Programs

Disclaimer: Usually, commissions are lower at retail because of a higher purchase price. But this means your audience will likely buy the product at low prices. 

Cookies 24 Hours The Amazon store is the most popular online store, so you can easily purchase anything you like from Amazon. Amazon Associates receive a 1% to 15% commission depending upon the category the products were purchased in.

Best personal finance and investment affiliate programs

Acorn is a micro-investing app for people between 18 and 30, helping individuals invest wisely in their financial future. This is the affiliate program for you. Affiliate receives 10% off the total of the referral customers. 

The app includes countless creative tools for promotion and a dedicated marketing manager. Commission: 7 % for sale and 5 % for Free Test Cookies. 30 days.

Best marketing and business affiliate programs

The goal of HubSpot is to make millions of companies grow faster through technology and by delivering better products and services. 

HubSpot is the world’s top-ranked marketing management software for businesses to optimize their customer experience across multiple platforms. You can choose from 15 percent monthly or 100 percent monthly revenue as a HubSpot Partner.

Tell me about the best crypto affiliate programs.

Affiliate programs can be used to earn commissions if an affiliate sends traffic to a particular site/influencer (‘agent’). This can be achieved through social media, websites, or product integrations. We will see an excellent example for a better understanding of all types of affiliate programs.

Wirecutter makes a significant commission if affiliates can sell products to retailers. The affiliate-monetization models in The Associated Press may cause some doubt about their legitimacy.

How do affiliates make money?

The affiliate has a unique link that allows them to monitor the clicks on their site and often uses cookies to identify and track them. The cookie is then used to determine which purchases were made by the users. 

The affiliate can receive commissions by doing the same within the given period. The length of the cookie defines the cookies themselves; this represents the duration in which the cookie can track the user. A website can follow the cookie for 30 days.

Email marketing

I recommend it for smaller doses. If your business partners send out email messages that do not interest your customers, they could potentially send a compelling marketing message. 

In addition, you could ask a designer to provide a link to your website in a list of emails sent. It helps your client utilize your services in creating high-quality content while generating revenue from the agencies. How many bloggers and companies have joined affiliate programs?

Review sites

If you offer less expensive products and are a niche market, most people will research them before purchasing them. If you think that’s true, then it is best to search for reviews of your product or services in advance. Contact the publisher and ask about the potential affiliate links for your article and the text if they are interested.

Bloggers and Influencers

It would be best if you considered working with reputable bloggers more effectively. If you sell appliance products, it may make you suitable to contact a recipe-based website popular with bloggers or YouTube influencers. Your services should generate more money if the audience is interested in your services.

Coupon sites

Alternatively, you can create an affiliate partnership with coupon sites for a restricted period. Although giving customers discounts is not an investment, it may help get people who have never used a product in any other place to look at you as an advocate for them.


If you’re looking to make some extra money in 2022, then consider signing up for one of these Bitcoin and crypto affiliate programs. 

Some of the programs are more well-known than others, but all of them have the potential to earn you some extra income.

By promoting the products and services of these companies, you can earn commissions on every sale you generate. So if you’re interested in earning some easy money, be sure to check out these types of affiliate programs.

This is our list of best crypto affiliate programs and we hope that you find some useful information here be free to suggest your affiliate program if we missed them.