Big NFT sales

Most Expensive NFTs. First-quarter of 2021. is definitely marketed by the NFTs and their head-turning, record-breaking sales. We where explained NFT Crypto earlier and here, we will list some of the biggest, most outrageous, or even plain crazy sales up to date. NFT Crypto ExplainedFirst-quarter of 2021. is definitely marketed by the NFTs and their head-turning, record-breaking sales. Here, we will list some of the biggest, most outrageous, or even plain crazy sales up to date.

If you are looking for the best marketplaces for NFT check our post about it. Or if you are a creator you can read more about how to make and sell NFTs.

Most expensive NFTs

Beeple’s First 5000 Days digital artwork holds the crown for the most expensive non-fungible token sold for now. After a bidding war that lasted for 2 weeks, on March 11 the final price for “Everyday: The First 5000 Days” was $69.3 million (38,747ETH).


Second and third place hold CryptoPunk 7804 with $7.8 million and CryptoPunk 3100 with $7.5 million.

cyberpunk smoking
cynerpunk face

I don’t know how long this record will last but there is one that could easily break it, of course, it is none other than Elon Musk. He auctioned off a song about NFTs because why not, and bidding reached $69 million but Mr. Musk decided not to sell it after all.

elon musk song

Most interesting:

These next few sales were not record-breakers per se, but they did catch our attention and did much to promote and propel forward the whole NFT scene:

The one and only Nyan Cat, this animated flying kitty has been seen by millions online so it is no wonder it NFT sold for almost $600,000.

nyan cat

Jack Dorsey, Twitter co-founder, and CEO auctioned off his first tweet as an NFT. Currently, the highest bid is $2.5 million but the auction still has a few days left so we will see how it is going to end.

This video of LeBron James blocking a shot was sold for $100,000. It was sold on “NBA Top Shots”, this site is owned by the NBA and it is their new take on sports trading cards but, this time with blockchain and NFTs.

actress londsay lohan face

Actress Lindsay Lohan sold an image of her face for $17,000 and in this crazy market was resold in no time for $57,000.

Music NFTs

Unlike Art in music, it is much more common to sell multiple NFTs of a song or album, they are still limited in number and still have that rarity factor that is the NFT selling point. It is not as easy to make a ranked list with music since data is usually for total sales for a song or album rather than a single biggest sale.

  • Definitely, the most famous band in NFT right now is Kings Of Leon with their album When You See Yourself, which generated over $2 million in sales.
  • Grimes, a Canadian singer, and songwriter sold almost $6 million worth of digital art on NFTs.
  • DJ Steve Aoki auctioned off more than $4.2 million of his music on NFTs.
  • Other artists are soon to follow, some that are expected to launch their one NFT soon are Deadmau5, Post Malone and Shawn Mendes.

NFT Sport Cards

If you like sports evenings and enjoy watching football, basketball, tennis, and other sports then NFT sports cards are perfect for you. One of the best places where you can collect sports NFTs is Sorare Fantasy Game where you can build your own football team and compete with the others.

The top sale at Sorare game at Opensea is Kylian Mbappe, sold for 115 ETH / about $340,410.00.

Trading and playing with Nft sports cards will explode this winter to find out why please read more about Sorare NFT games.

Earn-To-Play. Buy or create NFT and earn while enjoying playing.

In 2022. many NFT marketplace started to include NFT Games and implement Metaverse where you can meet even more famous people, play games, and earn during playing. One of the Earn-To-Play marketplaces is Binance.

Entering an NFT space can be interesting, and always keep your NFTs safe with a Trezor wallet.

Happy collecting!