What is NFT Crypto Artwork

Well, this is the new hot thing in a cryptocurrency called NFT or Non-fungible tokens, they are used right now mostly for artwork and collectibles. Celebrity artists started creating their artworks as NFTs and we will explain how you can do the same or if you want to invest in crypto art, how to buy NFTs.

If you are familiar with cryptocurrency, NFT Art is very similar to buying crypto coins, once you buy it you own the coin, in this case, the art is stored in the blockchain itself. If you are wondering what is the highest sold NFT check our post.

Update; CC0 license is a new hot thing at NFTs

Many collections are made under Creative Commons Zero (CC0 -read more) which means that the IP owner must relinquish all copyrights associated with releasing the material into the public domain.

Everyone may use CC0 resources without restriction. CC0 allows anyone to copy and utilize this IP for their needs.

What is NFT

NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) are digital assets like pictures, art, music, and text and they last time are used as crypto domains, known as NFT domains.

Right now only Ethereum and Zill support NFT but more cryptocurrencies like Dot or Ada are soon to implement NFTs.

Where to Buy NFT Art

When it comes to buying Crypto Art there are many very popular NFT Marketplaces, there you can buy not only art but collectibles, Nft games, digital assets, and more. Some other more niche collectibles like cards can be found on sites that sell more specific items.

How to invest in NFT Art

The easiest way is to buy artworks or collectibles and wait for their price to increase over time. You need to be very careful when buying digital art. There are a lot of scammers and there is no guarantee that the price will increase over time. It is more likely that the price will drop.

The better way to invest in bolkchain art is by investing in the technology, right now all NFTs are based on Ethereum and if you invest in Ethereum you are indirectly investing in NFT Art.

To buy Ethereum we suggest using cex.io it is one of the most secure exchanges and they are based in Europe, if you are looking for NA-based exchanges try Binance or one of the fastest-growing cryptocurrency Bybit exchanges.

How to Sell an NFT Art

The easiest way to sell digital art is by using an nft marketplace, you don’t need to have programming skills or any other skills for creating and selling crypto art. Right now the fees are very high for creating any NFT, it should be lowered once the new update comes out for Ethereum. Here is a quick guide on how to sell NFT.

First, you need to have Ethereum and the best place to buy it is here.

buy eth on cex

After that you need to create a wallet where you will keep your Ethereum and your NFT tokens, our suggestion is to create a Metamask wallet.

Once you have everything above go to https://rarible.com/ and click connect wallet in the top right corner, connect it with your Metamask wallet.

select your eth wallet

Once everything is connected and you have eth click on the top right create and select single or multiple.

select single or multiple nfts

Upload your file-max is 30MB and select your price.

select item options

The cool part is you can set royalties for example if you place 10% each time the picture is sold you get 10%. You can enter properties for the picture too.

Once everything is finished click create and voila you have created your NFT Art.

create the item

Al least but is very important you should consider keeping your NFTs in some hard wallets, for instance, a good option is a Trezor wallet to store your valuable NFTs.

Conclusion on NFT Crypto Art Selling

This guide selected the easier method of creating NFT art by simply using the blockchain marketplace. There is another method where you write your own code to create NFT, but it is very complex and the only upside is that it is more secure than keeping your digital art in one marketplace.

Right now because the eth gas price is very high the fees for creating NFTs are very high, once that is fixed it will be much cheaper.