A new era of the gaming industry is at the beginning, play to earn games created by blockchain technology are the new crypto games that are worth using.The cryptocurrency gaming industry has seen huge growth recently. By 2020, the number of blockchain games is going to rise by more than 50%. Blockchain gaming businesses raised more than $446 million in early 2022 during the bull run of this year.Crypto gaming is increasingly using NFTs. NFTs or Non-fungible tokens have exploded in popularity. Artists and VIPs have started selling their artwork, music, or collectibles and entering blockchain games such as trading with real mapped real-estate properties in the Upland game.
Enjin crypto games
Crypto gaming and the Metaverse industry will be in trend for the next years, and according to the NFT market, this is an opportunity to find its place in the upcoming years. We will explore what is the best blockchain game where NFT is used.

Why are NFTs used in Crypto Gaming

Not all crypto game genres work for NFT. The best use cases are collectible card games or real-life simulations.Let’s talk about card games and why they should use NFTs.Think about Hearthstone or Magic the Gathering Arena. All the cards that you have are not yours. What will happen if the game stops existing.All your investments will be lost. This won’t if they use NFTs. You still own your own cards and collectibles even if the game does not exist and you can sell them or trade with them.Here is a short list of why NFT is good for NFT Games:
  • If the crypto game shuts down you still have your items
  • They can’t be deleted because they are not on a server, they are in the blockchain.
  • It works on all platforms. Think about a gun, a crypto game asset. It can work on many crypto games from the same developer.
Another case could be MMO or Massive Multiplayer Games. Let’s say you found a rare sword you can trade it in-game or outside the game if it is an NFT.Update May 2022. The dominance of the Move to Earn games:Play to Earn has a huge role, as the big success of Walk to Earn games now evolve to Move to Earn games where users can earn during doing daily routine while walking, jogging, swimming, biking, or any other move.

Let’s Explore Crypto Games that use NFT

The interest in playing crypto games will increase by the year 2022. The gaming crypto industry combines two fascinating industries – the video game sector and cryptography.This list of the best gaming cryptocurrency coins explains what to invest with and where to buy these digital assets.If you want instead to seat and play, to be active it will be enough to go outside and take a walk. It can be fun.

Enjin coins

Enjin coins can be invested in various crypto games. This is not a particular blockchain gaming activity. Enjin coins can be used in many game genres instead. Enjin is one of the developers of cryptocurrency, offering software development tools.
Developers could use these kits to build digital currencies and particular goods into their blockchain games. Players may use Enjin’s wallet to store their game inventory connected to Enjin.com.When a developer creates new digital assets using Enjin Coin, they must sign an intelligent contract with Enjin to secure their assets; this is essential.


Illuvium the first game we are talking about is an auto battler similar to Auto Chess or League of Legends Teamfight Tactics (TFT).Founded last year by Kieran and Aaron Warwick, Illuvium made a game that rewards players with the opportunity to explore and capture NFT creatures, known as Illuvials, in combat. The game has raised $5mil for its development.
Illuvium is an open game that focuses on roleplay elements from “Final Fantasy” and ” Pokémon ” games. Players control the characters Hunters who meet Illuvials while investigating.They are NFTs; when someone captures one, it can be put back into their bank account.Players can collect Illuvium tokens for winning tournaments in a “play to earn” game. Although Illuvium was compared to Axie Infinity the main differences were noticeable because the game Illuvium is 3D with an open world with story mode.

NBA Top Shot

NBA Top Shot is not a game. It is collecting NBA moments in NFTs (short videos of NBA plays). We are only including them in this list because they sold more than 400mil of NFTs.
nba top shot cards

Terra Virtua

Terra Virtua is a VR Game focused on NFTs, where you can buy objects, toys, and more from various genres like Pacific Rim.
terra virtua banner

Sorare fantasy sports game

Sorare fantasy sports game is a fantasy football crypto game where you collect real-world player cards, you use the cards to build your dream team.As one of the most adaptable Play to Earn games, the Sorare game is one that will have a big impact on when FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™ starts.
sorare cards

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity, similar to the Pokemon game, allows players to buy trades and battle creatures. These axes are nonfungible NFT tokens that must be purchased for the first time in play.
They became very popular among the Play to earn games in 2021 because the player earned an AXS token. Often e-commerce websites make a little over $100 per month.The initial shareholders of Axie Infinity had no problem analyzing the performance. It was worth roughly $0.52 to start within 2021 and would eventually surpass $150 with another 8% increase.


The Decentraland platform based on Ethereum is a centralized Metaverse built on and controlled by users.Like all virtual reality, the game offers a set of plots known as LAND that players can purchase as they please. Decentralized and its unique feature is the freedom that the player can enjoy.LAND can be used as a place to play music, paintings, digital tourism, and many other things. Decentraland also contains communities/districts that specialize in specialized topics.Aetheria’s biggest District has an aesthetic of cyberpunk. Decentralized and native tokens can use MANA in-game transactions, such as purchasing land, etc.


Sandbox provides Sandbox users the option of creating their own virtual worlds by using visual scripting tools, meaning no coding knowledge is needed. Player Makes the Game On Land, The Sandbox digital property. Sandboxes are shaped with SAND tokens.
Players can use these tokens when acquiring goods or property. Currently, there are only 664 land lots available – only 1664464 available.Sandbox is presently developing a wide variety of partnerships to increase its customer base. The project combines game giant Atari with Virtual Parks.

My Neighbor Alice

My Neighbor Alice is a new multiplayer farm-building game. Players can buy six acres of farmland and buy livestock at markets.The lighthearted look is intended to remind gamers of Animal Crossings’ cult-inspired crypto games.
Alice acts as a “friend” in play to earn games making it more beginner compatible than many blockchain games. The ALICE token is the currency of the game.The token can be used to purchase items in a marketplace, and players are allowed to earn ALICE coins based on quest results.Token owners may also invest in cryptocurrency as a reward. My Neighbor, Alice, is a riskier cryptocurrency game for investors.

Gods Unchained

Gods Unchained is a free-to-play tactical digital card game that gives players true ownership of their in-game items.Led by the former game director of Magic The Gathering: Arena, this is the main example of a game that we talked about at the beginning of our post.
gods unchained cards in crypto gaming
NFT Wars Play a Rock, Paper, Scissors style game with your card as your avatar; using WAR credits.Instead of Rock, Paper, Scissors the moves are called: Bunker, Infantry, and Artillery. One will even have the ability to bet on the outcome of the game.If you stake tokens, you will also get awarded a new card each week.Depending on how many tokens you stake, you may be able to choose a super rare card to use as your avatar in-game, show off to your friends, and even wager the card itself against someone for another card, IF you’re feeling confident!

Sweat TGE is 12. September. Will be the biggest Airdrop in crypto.

SWEAT Token Generation Event 12TH SeptemberSimply. Walk end earns with fun and waits for 12. September.The all-known Sweatcoin walk-to-earn app is announced TGE  and then will be minted so how much will sweatcoins earned so far and until. 12. Sept. Every owner of sweatcoins will get an equal sum of SWEAT. Learn more about SWEAT.

Is game crypto a good investment?

Even with cryptocurrency, games are hazardous. Although some had remarkable success in 2021, practically everything else went down, and several widespread projects’ popularity dropped more than 50%.Everyone should do their own research and invest only how much they are free to lose; this is the first rule.The Move to Earn game is our choice because of its health benefits, and earning crypto doing move outside is just a plus.