Welcome to Upland – A new gaming platform that breaks the boundaries of the digital property market! Be prepared for September 29 for Dallas and Arlington launching date.

Upland is a new NFT play-and-earn game based on the EOS blockchain. Upland lets users buy, sell, and trade NFTs of real-world locations. Upland can be accessed from anywhere in the world and purchased assets to earn a profit. 

Upland has accurate maps of flowing cities: San Francisco, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Oakland, Fresco, Staten Island, Bakersfield, Chicago, Cleveland, Clevland, Potro, and constantly growing with new cities, quality and community. Cities are priced based on real-world market conditions in each city.

The newest cities are Dallas and Arlington launch in Upland will be September 29, at 8:00 AM PT.

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Upland cryptocurrency and tokens explained.

The Upland Economy was created using two cryptocurrency tokens: UPX and Spark. There’s no trading outside the Upland Game, so they don’t have any cryptocurrencies. 

Although particular real estate is sold using the US dollar depending upon the buyer’s Status, UPX may also be used for in-game real estate purchases. 

On the Upland, UPX has a direct purchase option. When playing UPX, you may spend up to $25,000 to pay the equivalent in UPX. With 1:1000 currency exchange, $1 is worth 1000 UPX. You could get a Spark token by progressing to status. This product is available through Upland’s store.


During the selection of a new block explorer, players are eligible to receive up to 10000 UPX… Cha-ching! UPX offers players a unique way to purchase, sell or trade property with trusted peer-to-peer exchanges.

Players earn a UPX bonus each time the property is inspected by the player or by collecting the money from a collection.

Is UPX real crypto?

However, UPX does not yet have a definition of cryptocurrency. Although this token remains embedded in blockchains, it is primarily a tool token used in-game to buy NFTs. So UPX cannot be traded outside an Upland ecosystem. Nevertheless, the in-game NFT is fully tradeable.

Upland Collections

The Uplands Collections are part of the Property Trading game and provide players with the opportunity to increase their profits by purchasing homes within similar areas. 

UPX earnings are increased by adding properties in collections with a specific number of items. 

In the case of a museum collection, collect three properties within a Mission District and create a group that will complete the mission collection. Complete collection increases income for all properties owned in the finished.

Collection levels

Each collection is sorted by difficulty. Collections of higher ranked items will earn higher UPX earnings. Some properties are in several collection categories, and players are allowed to change properties easily between collections. 

It is impossible to use one property in two collections at once, and a one-time completion bonus is valid for each collection only once if it has. Clicking the boosted earnings button will display a collection of the properties available.

Upland Leveling Up

Visitor – zero to 9,999 UPX

As a visitor, you ought to renew your Upland visa every seven days, or your residence could be recycled.

Uplander 10,000+ UPX

Becoming an Uplander method, your account and residences will now be saved entirely at the blockchain and can not be recycled, granting you entry to the secondary Marketplace; because of this, you may currently list your residences for UPX and USD. 

Additionally, if a participant tiers as much as Uplander all through a selected month, they’ll earn a small quantity of Spark. Keep an eye fixed on the Events Calendar whilst Status Up Spark Rewards are activated.

Pro – 100,000+ UPX

Reaching Pro unlocks a brand new set of exceptional block explorers and permits the “Pro” icon, that’s proudly displayed in your block explorer. 

Director – 1,000,000+ UPX

Directors have the posh of making use of to have their very own custom block explorer at City Hall. Directors could have the possibility to ship a draft, photo, or layout in their favored block explorer to the Upland layout crew. 

The Upland crew will then take your layout and flip it into your very own one-of-a-type block explorer! Players who degree as much as Director will even get hold of .five Spark for their achievement.

Executive – 10,000,000+ UPX

In September 2020, Upland delivered the Executive Status as a follow-as much as the Director Status. Executives want to preserve an internet well worth at least 10,000,000 UPX. 

Reaching government popularity cements your popularity as an Elite participant in Upland. Players who degree as much as Executive will even get hold of 1 Spark for their achievement.

Chief Executive – 100,000,000 UPX

In June of 2021, the Upland crew once more increased the Upland Status application to consist of the Chief Executive popularity for gamers who’ve gathered over 100,000,000 UPX in internet well worth.

That is the maximum exceptional tier in Upland; the foremost committed gamers can gain this popularity.

Interested? Keep an eye out for those upcoming occasion cycles only for excessive earners!

‍Let’s Start the Upland game.

Let me show you the best method of completing Upland: Step 1: Visit play.upland.me. Step 2: Once you create your account, you are allowed to explore the vast metaverse and purchase items. 

After creating an Upland account, this first status is named Uplander status, and you will get 10,000 UPX in your possession and can start with the game. As your wealth increases, you will be more rewarded for your efforts.

How to earn money on Upland?

Upland offers players many ways to earn and has also developed new strategies that could make money in the metaverse. They also plan on allowing users to operate their own company on game sites. 

When completing Uplander status, you will increase your wealth and become involved with local communities. It’s a fantastic way of standing out in Upland and could prove valuable to others. The native UPX token based on Ethereum is required when buying real estate.

A very competitive game, even though it’s established on the collectible standard.

There are few games focused on collectibles that lack competition in their gameplay. This is not true for Upland. Uplands work as metaverse monopolies where players compete for the best property and the highest profits. Upland also benefits financially and culturally by offering an advantage for its entertainment value.

A one-way economy

With a token with limited functionality as well as a Web3 wallet, which is the custodian wallet governed by Upland, the Upland economy remains a single-way economy that lacks the full benefit of blockchains.

You can buy your real-life house in-game.

In metaverses, the most exciting feature is purchasing your properties in the game. With Upland, your property is the property of your choice and can be purchased by you.

A little overwhelming at first glance

The number of districts and properties available is quite large when entering the game. Players must devote a lot of time researching to start earning real money.

Playable from anywhere in the globe on nearly all media

Upland is obtainable for iPad, Android devices, Android tablets, or web browsers and plays from virtually any place.

Upland NFTs

In Upland, NFT property parcels consist of three 3m x 3m geo-unique “UpSquare.” This UpSquare is a limited-edition property because the blockchain is attached to its physical address.

Its heart lies in the NFT properties in the Upland. There are several NFTs in Upland, including property NFTs representing the real estate. 

Clicking any NFT on this page gives an overview of its property, and each property’s color corresponds to ownership status.

How do I buy a property on Upland?

There currently are two methods of finding and purchasing property on the Upland: All available properties will appear green. Click on this button for a limited period. 

Once the player selects the property, they can click the ‘buy’ button, and the property will be minted into the blockchain.

Your property deeds are available when you click on your property, and you also can view your NFT on EOS Blockchains!

How does Upland work?

Upland currently attracts over 100,000 real estate owners worldwide. Since this year’s beginning, nearly 2 million NFTs have gone to players, and many of these cities have run out of virtual land. 

More than 2.5 million users buy, download and exchange digital assets daily. The game starts by having the uplanders visit.

Renewing your Upland Visa

Visitors’ digital asset needs renewal every seven days. The Upland Visa has an expiration period. Visiting guests who do not renew their Upland Visa within 7 days will have a grace period of a whole 14-day period.

The visa can be renewed if it does not expire. Assets relating to the visitor’s property will also get repurposed to support game economies.

How to sell a property?

Uplanders can sell any property on the Marketplace at any time. Select the property for sale and click the green Sell button. Moreover, the UPX and property trades offer the choice of an offering.

Does Upland have a referral program?

Because Upland remains relatively new, they offer generous “refer to friends” promotions. Utilizing my referral link, you will also obtain a free 50% bonus when you first buy UPX.