The summer of 2022 has just begun, and it is time to be more active outside. Will Move to Earn projects and other fitness apps help to motivate us?

Somehow, as time passes, we have less time for ourselves. We neglect how vital physical activity is for our mental and physical health.

Are enough people involved in fitness or some other sport? The answer is no, lack of time, willpower, and motivation. Paying for fitness services is sometimes not a tiny thing. This trend will continue.

More or less, we know all that. Everything is being digitized, which also impacts us to make fewer movements. And finally, the time has come for the digital world to make us willing to be more physically active. Move to Earn games serve precisely to motivate us to move.

Fitness has been popularized in the media for decades, so the fitness industry is one of the most profitable today and has a turnover of $100B annually. GameFi industry with Move to Earn projects wants to flow in that market.

Being motivated for a fitness routine with rewards.

We can find time for fitness if we are motivated enough and Move to Earn projects are here to inspire us. Move to Earn games are based on blockchain technology and Web3 and Metaverse.

According to the fitness website FitRated, which tested 1001 users, and concluded that 40% of people surveyed would rather cancel their membership in their fitness gyms for one place in Metaverse. Also, they said that 80% of the would-be motivated to do more physical exercises if they were paid in cryptocurrency for their work.

However, an earlier study showed by the National Bureau of Economic Research that money is not enough good fitness motivator.

So what will motivate us to walk more? The Key factor for motivating us to do more walking, jogging, or swimming is an instant award, which is well done in Move to Earn games.

The gamified exercise was initially introduced in the 1990s; it is a stimulating way of training, making it enjoyable. One is sure that App gamification helps make exercise apps more exciting and motivated.

Walk to Earn fitness apps that help our healthy habits.

Over time, the old Web2-oriented, Walk to Earn fitness applications that worked with small fiat rewards and merchandise awards paved the way to Move to Earn projects today.

And they were the first ones that gamified their apps, and with great success. Some existing fitness apps will soon be transformed into blockchain Web3 companies.

We’ve already written about the Step app launched by Avalanche network. Announced for this summer that the app will be active.

Move to Earn apps that will be popular this summer.

Step app is already considered a major StepN competitor. When we started researching the Step app some two months ago, there was a flow of around 3 million pre-registered users; currently, there are over 16 million. 

An impressive amount of pre-registered people for an app that hasn’t been released yet! We will stay to be witnessed whether the Step app will succeed them in taking the throne.

Step app NFT for walking

Stepn had experienced unprecedented price increases since March 2022 when the app was launched from $0.13 to an incredible $4 in just one month, after which it experienced a drop in prices due to the Bear market, but still stays at 67% above the initial cost.

What does his example tell us? The safest way to get in with one Move to Earn app is to start in the early blockchain stage. Our choices are Step App, SWEATCOIN, and Aglet.

There is time to wait and see what success will reach the Step app, and we should not neglect the successful Web2 applications that announced the complete transition to web3.

In one of the following texts, we’ll deal with the fitness apps already on the market, which announced their transition to the blockchain GameFi apps. I will go through the Sweat and Aglet apps.

Sweat is held by Sweat Economy company, which has existed on the market for almost 10 years and has worked successfully for 50 million active users.

Types of gamified fitness apps in a fitness routine

Making physical exercise more enjoyable through gamified apps is possible. Alternatively, gamified apps engage peer motivation to reward efforts in making sports less a task but a more fun game for satisfaction. 

See for example the Fit for Buck app, Shakura’s own application project. Fit for Bucks helps local business owners communicate better while increasing healthy habits. This system allows users to calculate the steps daily using the products from local merchants.

Gamification software can track your physical activity by scanning your smartphone or other devices. PlayFirst has a pedometer and a pushup counter. PlayFitt offers standard pedometers, step clocks, squatters, pushup counters, and other activity monitoring features.

What gamified fitness apps can do for us?

Gamified fitness apps can help improve your training efficiency. When we reach daily or weekly fitness goals, we instantly collect prizes. It links the fitness and reward systems to a more immediate sense of the brain.

It’s this interaction with fitness that makes them become a habit. Just as we all enjoy our favorite videos, we love our social apps and fitness as much as our favorite exercise habits.

How with gamification apps reach healthy habits?

You can perform many daily jobs without receiving any reward. Similar to a well-known exercise routine. “If I work hard, I get rewarded in abstract terms.” 

In two to four weeks, you may feel more vital. Still, you can’t link the act and rewards in insufficient time or immediate situations. When you get rewarded, you’ll have difficulty developing habits. 

Gamified Fitness apps make exercising a good activity with immediate rewards that will help you create healthier habits. Gamified fitness process needs a measurement first.

Gamification increases engagement

Unlike isolation, many now prefer a sports lifestyle. So users are constantly seeking the perfect mobile app. Most people are tired of traditional workout apps and looking for something that motivates them more. It won’t be too late to discuss beauty, a healthy lifestyle & healthy body.

The trend is constantly evolving, so the developer must change. In addition to fitness software, gamification dominates with Move to Earn apps.

How to start with Move to Earn apps?

We will always try to find Move to Earn applications that you can be started for free. For instance, Sweat and Aglet, where we can begin to collect their governance tokens immediately after installation.

When they move to the blockchain, you may collect enough coins to get their NFTs on time just by walking or jogging.

MEXC is one of the crypto exchanges that allows early adopted coins, and it’s friendly to Move to Earn gaming tokens, so getting them at a meager price in the early phase is possible.

We can walk together. You can use our referral code for Aglet – 4DEB6C. Once you go through the sign-up process and complete 10,000 steps (including 1,000 verified steps), we will both receive a bonus of 1,000 Aglet. Same, you will get 1,000 Aglets for each friend that you referred. Or you can test this Sweat. They both will be entirely blockchain this summer.