MEXC Exchange offers a decentralized platform that provides users with a safe and convenient way to trade their assets. MEXC is committed to building a leading global digital asset trading platform by providing the safest and most convenient service available through top-notch security technologies.

In this crypto exchange review, I will look closely at MEXC Global, one of the world’s most traded crypto exchanges. They have the lowest fee in the market, such as 0.02% for trading, with more than 6 million users worldwide and with a trading turnover of over $1 billion.

MEXC Global was founded in 2018 in Seychelles and is known as the Exchange of high-performance, capable of processing almost 1,5 million transactions per second, unprecedented in the trading market.

The team at MEXC exchange has some of the first movers and pioneers of financial banking and blockchain technology. They are currently on an excellent way to becoming the top trading company.

MEXC Exchange

MEXC Global is available almost worldwide as they have acquired the official compliance licenses to offer their services in different countries, including Australia, Canada, and the United States of America.

MEXC in the numbers-Jun 2022

The numbers say enough about MEXC. Due to a large number of trading options, MEXC can offer many services to its clients.

  • Number of users: 6+ Million
  • Number of cryptocurrencies – 662
  • Trading pairs – 746
  • Market share 1.61%
  • 24h trading volume – 1.06B
  • Supported countries – over 70
  • 1.5 million transactions per second
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Key Features of MEXC

Due to a large variety of trading options, the MEXC crypto exchange offers its customers many services and gives to users a great trading experience. There are many advantages of MEXC trading, and short-term crypto purchases or cryptocurrencies are an excellent way to get things done quickly.

With quick buying and selling capabilities from MEXC, it is straightforward and fast for making crypto transactions.
We will go through the main MEXC features.

Main MEXC Features

  • The lowest fee (from 0.02 to zero)
  • Peer-to-Peer
  • Spot Trading
  • ETF – Leveraged exchange-traded fund
  • Futures trading (up to 125x leverage across futures contracts)
  • MX DeFi Yield Mining
  • Multi-player and multi-cluster system architecture
  • High liquidity provided by abundant resources and numerous partners
  • Multiple mainstream languages supported
  • Distributed “Super Node” founder program for adequate community autonomy
  • Advanced security protection

MEXC Exchange has various options to offer its customers: spot, margin, leveraged ETF (exchange-traded funds) indexes, and futures trading services.

0.2% Trading Fees

MEXC charges 0.2% per maker order for all margin and spot trading systems. Similar fees apply to trading in indices. You may also be getting 20 percent of the cost by holding the MX token.

The firm imposes maker fees of 0.04% and taker fees for perpetual contracting. Additionally, the MEXC Exchange offers discounts on permanent contracts based on 30-day USDT trading volumes and the total USDTA balance in the accounts.

Deposits are entirely free; Withdrawal fees depend on Currency & Payment Methods and are dependent upon transaction cost.

Credit trade (instant purchases made with a credit card) varies in processing the interest rate. Still, credit card purchases could generally exceed the total market value.

… Even Zero (0) Fee…

MEXC does not stop introducing innovations, so they introduce a zero fee (o) in June 2022. You can trade USDC / USDT, BUSD / USDT, TUSD / USDT, USDP / USDT totally free.

MEXC Global Peer-to-peer (P2P) Service.

MEXC Global P2P Marketplace allows smooth crypto transactions between two users. Each side can select an appropriate payment option and complete the deal using the desired currency.

When using MEXC P2P, you can communicate with any person you’re dealing with and know your counterparty better. You can debate all nuances and options before the deal with the help of live chat.

24/7 hour support is also available in MEXC P2P. Nevertheless, what the current time is in your country, you can always write your questions in live chat without leaving the platform or resolving any problems.

There are zero fees for MEXC P2P, while withdrawal charges are dynamic and can be tracked live on their platform, and for safety, each transaction is very fast and verified by encryption.

Features of MEXC Margin Trading

Mex margin trading
  • Interest rates are calculated on an hourly basis
  • (Calculation on an hourly basis is more reasonable in cooperation daily)
  • The market determines interest rates
  • (The lowest hourly interest rate on MEXC is 0.002%)
  • Low Capital can yield High Returns
  • (MEXC Margin supports 1-10 leverage)
  • Most margin pairs are supported
  • (MEXC margin supports most assets providing more opportunities)
  • Automatic Borrowing and Repayment
  • (Simple and Convenient: No need to borrow and repay manually)

A Leveraged Exchange-Traded Fund (Leveraged ETF)

Leveraged trading has become very popular as much as crypto trading exists. So what is Leveraged ETF?

Leveraged trading ETF is a type of derivatives trading where you increase the amount of money you trade, such as 2x, or 3x. If the trading asset price increases 1% in the desired direction, profit will be 2%, 3% depending on choosing a leveraged position.

The leveraged trading system is also known as high risk and should be used carefully because if prices start to decrease, there is a significant risk of reaching 0 in extreme situations.

MEXC Global rebalances its investment portfolio every 24 hours to avoid the gap between the portfolio’s leveraged and agreed ratios.

Differences Between Leverage and Futures Contracts.

Similar to Leveraged ETF, futures contracts also have leveraged options, up to 125x leverage, but leveraged ETF offers a cheap risk-heading tool, with no margin and less risk to liquidations and fixed leverage times.

What is MX DeFi Mining and Staking?

MEXC Exchange was showing us its commitment to innovation with its MX DeFi Yield Mining systems where users can stake USDT, MX, ETH, BTC, LooksRare, or other coins to earn liquidity yield.

MF DeFi mining
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The yield comes from newly listed tokens on the network during the staking period, including but not limited to-be-listed tokens/tokens on MEXC. In this Defi event, the staking yield is distributed daily. Users can view it at “Staking History.”

MF DeFi Staking
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MX Token

The MX token is the Erc20 token which serves as a member token for the MEXC exchange platform. It is an impressive coin with an estimated market cap of about 300 million. The currency is worth 1.1 billion and currently circulates 3.3 billion.

The MX token is the Erc20 token which serves as a member token for the MEXC platform. It is an impressive coin with an estimated market cap of about 300 million. The currency is worth 1.1 billion and currently circulates 3.3 billion.

Mx tokens
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Unlike a BNB Binance token, the MEXC exchange also has an MX token. In this section, we will explore several tools for MX tokens.

MX tokens are used for fee deduction, project listing voting, airdrop bonuses, MX DeFi mining, and much more.

MX tokens offer borrowers a range of benefits, including asset appreciation rebates, platform revenues, control, voting, and more. MEXC rewards customers contributed to system liquidity with 51% of MX through trading, mining, and token-based rewards.

It also rewards MEXC community owners with mining incentives to ensure they access MX in their community. Its total circulation has reached three billion continuously, without a single influx from other sources.

The MEXC exchange organizes a listing event, Mday, for new crypto projects where MX holders can participate. Users who are eligible get project tokens via airdrops.

MEXC Will Start Burning Processes For the MX Token

Staring at 1. July MEXC platform will buy back MX tokens from the secondary market from time to time and use 100% of the profit as part of monthly trading fees. MEXC carries out repurchasing and destruction, in which the destruction frequency is once a month. (100 million MX will be destroyed).

Mobile Support

MEXC offers its trading platform in the mobile version as well, both IOS and Android, as an application. Mobile applications are beneficial for investors who want to trade, or maybe monitor their trades, on the go.

Payment / Withdrawl Options

Payment to your MEXC account is possible via bank transfer, Alipay, or credit cards. If you want to withdraw coins, you can first use your cellphone to perform two-digit authentication. It was pretty easy, once all this was done correctly.

MEXC Customer Service

MEXC customer support has been prominent at the MEXC exchange, using different tools that guide users through the site and cryptocurrencies.

MEXC provides dependable 24/7 support. The FAQ section started with regular updates but seemed unorganized compared to competitors in big exchanges. If your search is difficult, you will have difficulty finding something (you have thought of) when using this site.

Support is a standard feature on the Internet. It can be provided via telephone or email address if a person has direct telephone contacts. The review suggested traders contact the company to learn how the company works. This website includes Twitter accounts that can help share information.

What about Mexc Affiliate Program?

If you are a content creator interested in earning, MEXC offers a wide range of commissions.

If you are a content creator interested in earning, MEXC offers a wide range of commissions. Starting from 30% and up to an incredible 80%. To learn about MEXC and other affiliates have a look at our list of the best crypto affiliate programs.


In some sense, the answer should be yes or no. Is there a reason? Consider: The site has a ‘law enforcement requests button’ on the homepage if the applicant wants a document; however, they may be left unchecked. MEXC Global also teaches users how to protect their privacy by providing an email password.

Is MEXC Global Trustworthy and regulated?

Can MEXC be used as a security product? It is among the few cryptocurrency exchanges which have exchanged regulated funds indexes.

In an attempt to protect the security of the crypto exchange market, the MEXC team added additional measures to ensure maximum security protocols are maintained.
It is currently considered one of the top crypto exchanges.

Can US citizens use MEXC?

MEXC Global operates throughout the continent and has Key licenses and jurisdictions across countries, including Canada, Estonia, and the United States.

Mexc Global also provides a translation service that provides a local support system for investors from other countries and allows for more efficient trade transactions.

MEXC exchange trading company review – bottom lines

MEXC exchange is a new crypto exchange trading platform that can be considered the world’s largest digital assets trade platform for digital currencies if it can become a global market leader.

It is easy to use and responds quickly to users’ feedback making it an easy choice for users. It’s constantly added new features. There has been zero hacking concerning MEXC Exchange.

MEXC offers some excellent cryptocurrency projects, none other than in their own right. You might find a new crypto gem.

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Thank you.