Move to Earn with Step app

Step app, and earn money by doing daily routine.

Move to Earn (M2E) is the latest trend in Crypto NFT games in 2022, which allows us to earn money by doing daily routine things like running, walking, swimming, jogging, or biking. Sounds amazing? Step app will help you be more active, healthier, social, have fun, and get paid for that.

After last year’s dizzying success of GameFi projects (where DeFi protocols and NFT assets are combined to create a game), massive popularity gets games that allow us to earn cryptocurrency, such as Play to earn games

Those Move to Earn games motivate us to leave our cars behind us and start to move and do good things for our physical and mental health and and in the same way keep our environment green and possibly realize passive income.

Very soon after Play to Earn games become popular, there were applications that started used a step counter from mobile phone and started to count your real-life moves and integrated them with NFT markets that allow you to make money by walking, the so-called Walk to Earn, which evolved into Move to Earn (M2E). Walk, run, drive, move, and earn crypto.

The game is not started yet. Millions of users already keep their seats as pre-registered members. Every day on the market we can see many of the Move to Earn projects, Step app is new, and StepN is from this year.

In the Fit Fi market, we had several successful Walk to Earn applications in web2 spaces and some of them announced thier transition to web3 and transforming to NFT and Metaverse.

One of them is Sweat Economy which announced SWEET, which will be supported by Near protocol, and the second is the Aglet app will be realized in their NFT space this summer. We are testing those Move to Earn games and will publish some experience thinking soon.

Let’s see will the Step app surpasses its predecessor StepN.

Step App: NFT Game monetizes real steps

Step App offers a way for gamers to earn rewards if they travel, run through the real world, and navigate the metaverse by mobile phone. The information was verified on its official website, the space in which the game modes can be explained. FITFI has a physical center and the metaverse hence, augmented reality is essential in creating the best -FiFi product.

What is Step app, and how does it works?

Step App is a new Move to Earn app that rewards players with cryptocurrencies just for doing fitness or working out. The Step app connects your reality with virtual reality within the Metaverse. 

The Step app Move to Earn system works by interacting with NFTs, in this case, sneakers (SNEAK) and geolocation technology using the step counter app on your mobile phone and added advanced step technology in Metaverse.

Step app pre-sign up fair launch.

More than 6 million users have already signed up for the Step App!
The launch of the main network and the launch of the NFT market have been announced for the 3rd quarter of 2022.

So, there is time to get a free SNEAK. And be patient while you wait for the app to launch.

Their goal is to reach 10 million pre-signed users before the launch date, which is likely to be soon.

After that, the Step app has an idea to attract athletes and influential sports influencers on their way to mass adoption.

Be in the first class, Step app launches app in 3rd quartal

The Step app cleverly uses the extended pre-registration period for the campaign to generate 10,000 NFT SNEAKs per Epoch before launching the app in July / August.

With such an approach, everyone is given an equal and fair chance to join the event on time. For anyone who registers, registration is simple, enter the email and the code sent to you by email and start earning a certain number of tokens every day.

Hence, it will be possible to acquire SNEAK (NFT) before the Step App starts its application, as SNEAK-s are essential for playing the game while moving.

How to get or earn a SNEAK token?

Earn SNAKE for free before the Step app launching date.

Earn SNEAK for free before the Step app launching date.

If you want to achieve it during your move, you should wear SNEAK first. In the Step app, SNEAK are NFTs.

How to earn SNEAK for free?

The first way to earn SNEAK is free. All you have to do is register. After registration, you will start receiving a FAT token, 3 FAT every day until the start of the Step application and beyond.

The step app is not just about earnings; it is intended for fun and socializing. Referring Step to friends is a great way to connect, compete, socialize locally or globally healthy, and make money.

For each referral you bring to the step app, you get an additional 3 FATs per day. So that enough FAT can be collected in time until the application is launched.

When you add the crypto wallet address, you will have an additional 5 FATs a day. The step app is on the Avax platform, so acceptable Avax and Metamask addresses.

Burning FAT tokens to kCAL and by the SNEAK

You will be able to burn the collected FAT tokens and get a KCAL token which will be the primary token for the game and with which you will be able to buy SNEAK. SNEAK is necessary to make money while walking.

The FAT in the KCAL function will be available on the platform by the end of May 2022.

Link your wallet to the KCAL pre-registration page to be among the first testers and be among the selectors.

They’re messaging with Step.

Earn SNEAK by staking FITFI – governance coin.

Another way you can get SNEAK is to use their Perpetual Staking System, which allows you to collect DT (lottery) and win a Lootbox (which can include SNEAK or anything you need in the Step Ecosystem).

You will earn one DT per day for every 100 FITFIs invested.

What is Fitfi Perpetual Stacking Lootbox?

The Fitfi Perpetual Staking Lootbox is divided into several Epochs. Each epoch lasts 14 days and ends with a snapshot that shares the winning Lootboxes. The Epochs will continue until all 10,000 SNEAKs are minted.

Step App winning lotboxbox
Winning Lootbox

The first epoch ended on May 20, and the second epoch is underway, so it’s not too late to get involved early and acquire SNEAK. The Second Epoch will end on June 3.

Step app Tokenomics

SNEAKs are nonfungible tokens.

FITFI token is the governance token. These benefits from ecosystem fees and earn staking rewards. Only FITFI is minted and you can trade them or stake them to take part in Lootbox events and earn rewards via Perpetual Staking.

KCAL tokens are in-game tokens used to buy SNEAKs and earned from running while staking SNEAK NFTs.

KCAL token is not minted jet, so it can not be traded.

Bear market and Move 2 earn projects

We’ve been in the Bear market for a while now, so people’s fear is significant. Many have started to leave the crypto market in a panic. While in the meantime, crypto projects and web3 systems are becoming more sophisticated.

The media is announcing hard times, recession, and a definite collapse of cryptocurrencies. People who have been versed in Bitcoin and the crypto world for a long time experienced a similar crash in 2018 when BTC fell by 65%.

This year Bitcoin was 47% decline from an all-time high of 60%. However, you should keep in mind that every bottom has an end, and to follow the growth, you need to be patient.

In the last bitcoin bear market period, many platforms were created that are in the top 50 today, for example, the Avalanche network on which the Step app is working. Successful traders invest when the crypto market is at the bottom and do not buy when it is expensive or sells low.

Maybe is the best time to start with Move to Earn apps, maybe just the Step app.

Web3 is on the rise, and Move to Earn applications are very current, so it’s not bad, without much investment, even without investment, to enter the crypto just through a Move to Earn application. The Step app is maybe the next Big Thing!?

Step app price is currently attractive for those who want cheap FITFI and steak. You can use their unique one-time Perpetual Staking and participate in almost everything that will happen in the Step app in the ecosystem.

If you want to join the enormous Step app community, try our link:

Enjoy this spring and summer with lots of walks and fresh air. And keep laughing, have good energy and fun!

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