Accelerated integration of sports with NFT crypto gaming platforms

Sport is rapidly entering the crypto and blockchain. Play to Earn games, built on the blockchain becoming increasingly popular, so sports games have found their place in this field.

The latest news suggests a mass entry of the population into crypto through sports and sports clubs.

Through the sale of NFT active football players, Sorare game has become one of the leading fantasy football games that use blockchain technology, which is very interesting for everyone who loves football and sports in general.

Sorare team Limited

Famous athletes from the world of sports further contribute to the popularization of the crypto market. Since the NBA partnered with Dapper Labs in 2019, sports celebrities are constantly entering the fantasy sports NFT world. Their NFTs are gaining increasing popularity reaching astronomical prices.

NFT Play to Earn games are thus becoming increasingly popular. For example, from 7 million in 2020, Sorare had a trading volume of $ 680 million in 2021.

Sorare fantasy soccer game in 2022 news.

Big Updates July 2022.

  • Underdog limited cards for GW 290-292 will no longer allow all 5 Limited cards. Players should include one card of the other divisions from higher rarity.
  • Common cards will no longer be eligible in all rare divisions starting GW 292.
  • The Legends competition is active from GW 292.

Sorare: MLB — When to Play

Sorare: MLB Marketplace will be available on Monday, July 19. Our very first All-Star Contest starts the following week, July 22! Below we’ll show the game overview for Soare: MLB. Following is the guide to Sorare baseball Guide.


Competition eligibility requirements

Sorare: MLB’s new eligibility criteria will increase as a player gets more free to participate in limited competitions. This allows our customers to utilize a common card in our first Limited competitions. You will only be required to have four cards. Alternatively, you can use the remaining cards from the Common deck. Limits can be increased every few weeks of games by four, five, and six, eventually requiring a complete list of seven limited cards by the end of the season.

Enter a competition

The competition is held twice weekly: Thursday through Thursday and Saturday through Sunday. All competitors are named Game Week. Game week starts 10 minutes before each game in that period. The lineup will lock at 4:00 p.m. EST and will not change until later. The game weekends when the final match ends. The scoring is then completed, and the reward is distributed. All these competitions live on Sorare MLB: The MLB Gaming Room will open next Tuesday, July 19, alongside the Market. Below you can see the competition that’s coming this summer.

Sorare MLB starting rewards

Fill your lineup

You’ll need 7 Sorare MLB cards for competitions. There will be several players with baseball ability. The manager must decide where players should be scoring points. Players can only accumulate baseball and pitch statistics for any Gameweek. Managers must use only two cards for each match week and a single person once if they already use two cards for each match. Details on scoring can be found on Sorare: Baseball Guide.

From now at Sorare, you can play Football and Baseball

Form 19. July you can participate in two sports, football ( soccer) and baseball. Each sport will have two games each week (GW). Start MLB Sorare game is similar to football collect common cards and participate in the GW and have a chance to win the limited card. is sponsoring the FIFA World Cup is sponsoring the FIFA World Cup this winter in Qatar. We can only imagine how much this will affect the adoption of digital technologies and many people’s entry into the crypto world.

Sorare games have recently been joined by tennis ace Serena Williams. She will promote sports and blockchain as an ambassador and support the transition to Web3 that Sorare has in mind.

Serena has the task of introducing women’s fantasy sports in Sorare, which will additionally attract the female population, which is currently less represented.

UEFA League Nations League and Sorare Games

We have a rehearsal for Sorare game players before the FIFA World Cup starts. The first part of the UEFA League Nations League actually lasts from June 1 to 14, 2022. Let’s enjoy football this summer.

Player names to look out for:

Gavi, Killian Mbape, Joshua Minnich, Karim Benzema, Erling Halland, Dušan Tadić, Robert Lewandowski, Cristiano Ronaldo, Kevin de Bruyne, Ivan Perisic, Gareth Bale, Ferran Torres, Aleksandar Mitrović, Sergej Milinković, Bukayo Saka, Ferran Torres, Cristopher Nkunku, Marko Dmitrovic, Luka Jović…

Be free to post your favorite national team players in the comment.

Let’s explore the Sorare game.

LeaderBoard Sorare

What is Sorare, and how is it played?

Here’s how the Sorare game works: game players (you) act as managers and accumulate Sorare NFT trading cards, each representing a real-world player.

By purchasing some of these NFT cards, you become the sole owner, so you can include them in tournaments and trade, and if you wish, you can transfer them to your crypto wallet.

The unique thing about every player card is that NFT is built on a blockchain. Thus, each card has a unique identifier, which means that one Sorare NFT card can be owned by only one person.

It cannot be duplicated, deleted, or changed for the blockchain network. This increases the value of the player’s cards, as each is owned by the individual who purchased it.

NFT Sorare

These NFT trading cards are divided into several categories. They are valued that way, starting with Common cards (they don’t exist on the blockchain and can’t be traded in the marketplace) then we have tradeable cards: Limited, Rare, Super Rare, and Unique.

Common cards are free, and you can’t trade them, but you must be careful when choosing your first 9 players.

How to start playing the Sorare game?

To start playing the Sorare game, you must get through the registration process. During that, you will be navigated to choose your name and logo of a club, then choose three favorite clubs, but I will suggest choosing carefully.

Sorare Rookie league. Tactic for the beginning of the game.

Sorare has free-to-play opportunities! The suggestion is to choose the best ranking clubs that have active games in the next eight weeks. Sorare will give you to choose nine players, and essential when choosing is to pick starter players.

Because you will be allowed to play Rookie league, that means that you have the opportunity to win some tradeable cards using Common players.

Rookie League will not last a long time. It will last just eight weeks!

You will be well prepared for your first chance to win an award for traders’ cards. Because you will start your fantasy football game with a Rockie league where you can use your Common (starter) and win the awards:

1st place 1x Tier 1 Rare
2nd place 1x Tier 2 Rare
3rd place 2x Tier 2 Rare
4th to 10% 1x Star Common
10% to 50% 1x Tier 1 Common
50% to 100% 1x Tier 2 Common

Rookie Legue awards

If you manage to make the first-team good, you got by registering in the way I described, you can win one of the Rare cards that are the most appreciated and can be worth a decent amount of money.

After a couple of weeks, you will get better acquainted with the game. And if you won one of the rare cards, I suggest you buy a couple of dozen Limited cards for the price of one Rare card. That way, you were starting the game with absolutely no money invested.

The second option is keeping Rare cards (because you will hardly win Rare cards after Rockie League) and investing a particular sum in buying Limited cards.

Then you can start your fantasy soccer game like a PRO.

Everyone is attracted to Rare cards and the benefits and rewards. Still, it is best to build a team from beginner to rarer cards since they are expensive.

March ended with a total balance of 230+ Football Clubs with over 2 million transactions and 1.5 million registered users from 184 countries.

The system already includes: Champion Asia, K-League, J-League, Serie A, La Liga Santander, Premiership, Bundesliga, Netherlands 1, and new ones are added every day.

What is new at Sorare?

In preparation for World Cup 2022, the national teams of Belgium, France, and Germany were added last summer and started adding national teams actively. The following is the addition of the AFCON African Cup of Nations 2022.

The Android Sorare app is available from March 29. 2022. MLS (Major League Soccer) was added on the same day with 28 new clubs from America and Canada.

The new valuation of Sorare awards starts in August 2022.

Sorare Sports announced a different card valuation for August and the beginning of the season. Everyone who wins 205 or more points will receive $25 in ETH value, and for over 250 points, $50 in ETH.

There will also be a conversion for prizes in competitions, first, second, and third place, which achieve even more valuable rewards.

Most Sorare game users are sports enthusiasts and enjoy creating their winning teams and making a profit. And some want to make extra money by trading with them.

When you buy or otherwise obtain these NFT player cards, you can participate in tournaments and win prizes if your team is well-ranked.

Active players are evaluated based on the live match analysis, and based on that, NFT gets points. Each player can collect 100 points.

NFTs are consistent with the performance of the same players in actual games. If your virtual team wins, you will be able to earn cash prizes and card prizes.

I started playing Sorare some time ago, and you know what. I can’t wait for the round games to start 🙂

Sorare registration process

The first step is the registration process (use this link, and we will both get free NFT). This requires you to verify your email, valid phone number, and other basic details. In addition, you will have to choose three favorite teams.

These teams will determine which free tickets you will receive for your beginner tournaments, so choose wisely.

A vital part of registration is choosing teams. Try to select the sections that will play in the next round.

After choosing 3 clubs, you will have the option to select players from those clubs. A total of 9 of them.

The same rule applies, choose starters who start the match or at least those who enter often.

Your team should consist of 5 players – defender, goalkeeper, midfielder, striker, and another player of your choice who can take any of the remaining three positions except the goalkeeper.

Choose a captain for your team and try to choose the player who is likely to score the most points.

The new design for the Sorare team page is there.

Sorare changed the design for the team page and we like it. Let’s look at how we will be lucky this week.

Underdog Limited league

The requirement is a minimum of 5 Limited players with an average of 50 or below in the last 15 games.

This week doesn’t have enough regular leagues active, so creating a team with mostly national team players, was a difficult task.

From the picture below, you can see our choice 🙂

I will be back on 6/12/2022 to show the result.

After finished matches we can see the results:

As we can see in this example the team has 4 active players but one player was missing for the best result. Even if those four players have 246 points that aren’t enough for getting an award.

Underdog Limited League awards

Each League has certain awards and I will be shown as an example Underdog Limited League:

  • 1 place – 1x Star Limited
  • 2 place – 1x Star Limited
  • 3 place – 1x Star Limited
  • 4 – 6 – 1x – Star Limited
  • 7 – 36 – 1x Tier 1 Limited
  • 37 – 111 – 1x Tier 2 Limited
  • 112 – 300 – 1x Tier 3 Limited

As you can see if you are in the first 300 you will take a Limited card, anyway if you are below you will get a Common card.


Modern crypto and NFT technologies are rapidly being incorporated into sports. fantasy football games are here to give us fun and earn some bucks.

Big names such as NBA, tennis, football, and many other sports, create their own NFTs.

Selling player cards or using them as tickets, delivering goods through virtual media, and more.

Bringing NFT players into the world of fantastic online gaming, Sorare games are one step ahead and looking to him bright future. Fantasy sports games will give us a lot of fun.

Sounds good?

Join us at and get a free Limited card. Limited cards are ones that are tradable and have some value at usdt or eth.

Awards will be done when you collecting 5 cards. That means, you dont have to buy card. Only you should is to play Rokie League and Common league. Every time when enter to an tornament you will collect one card after the tournament is finished.