Adidas Originals is supporting Aglet #STEPTEMBER!

To commemorate the release of the NMD S1, Adidas Originals has teamed up with Aglet to create the best event ever; #steptember is here. A few tweaks have been made to last year’s version, which will result in over 80 pairs of genuine footwear, thousands of NFTs, thousands of in-game prizes, guaranteed golden tickets, and even exclusive digital archive guided tours, as well as thousands more NFTs.

This year’s event is not simply a stepping competition; it’s an event where participants aim to earn the most Aglet each week and across the month. Their purpose is to encourage more strategic and contemplative Aglet play by having them repair shoes at the right time, use Sneaker Shine and Soda, and visit Treasure Stashes.

The NMD S1 sneakers are the only ones that can earn Aglet and count toward the competition. These will always be available so that you may wear them at any time.

The app that aims to be the best sneaker game for virtual sneakers is here! Aglet is a new app that creates a digital shoe to wear on walks and rewards and shows current rates, earnings, and even lifetimes. 

Your actions are taken using digital sneakers that provide bonuses and Aglet points to earn. It’s explicitly aimed at sneaker enthusiasts, brands, and makers.

The best way to find the Aglet app for beginners is to visit this website, download the app, and be sure that you enter our referral code. We will both have a bonus!

That’s right; you can make money by walking around! After your friend signs up and completes 10,000 steps, you and they will receive a bonus of 1,000 Aglet.

What’s New at Aglet 2022?

There has been plenty of current activity at Aglet. The clothing stashed has been updated. You can now see new threads on your profile page.

Location updates are daily! You can now check your purchase history, everyday items, and W and L numbers.

Purchase orders can now be processed more efficiently, allowing multiple orders at once and delivering faster alerts on sales. New telecommunication technology based on NFT is being developed for faster processing of data.

It is being developed using NFT technology to process data faster. It has some issues. There are occasional problems when traveling with shoes, repair work, or dead stock. 

When I move, everything is smooth. Sometimes this glitched application will randomly close. To provide an example here is something that someone might like.

 The app should have an option for private purchases. Another option is to auction a shoe for someone unsure about the price—overall excellent game with few issues.

All-around is Awesome, though there could be a few changes.

There are still a few things we believe would improve the app. It’s great in general, but I think there should be more stops at each station (stashed boxes, dead boxes, or repairs). People who live in rural cities can find it challenging to play the game.

Aglet Road map; the second half of the year 2022.

According to the Aglet road map, users can purchase and trade Aglet NFTs for USDC and ETH in Q3 2022. In addition, Aglet merchandise drops will be available for exclusive/early access. 

Aglet roadmap

We should see those adjustments soon, as Q3 ended on October 1. 

We’re awaiting layer one marketplaces like Opensea and Looksrare to begin trading Aglet NFTs. Furthermore, we’re anticipating quarter 4 to bring us:

An immutable marketplace that allows NFTs to be traded on marketplaces that cannot be changed. 

Additionally, we can look forward to the Aglet BackPack, allowing players to manage their wallets across multiple blockchains from a single game environment. 

Lastly, we can look forward to exclusive live content from NFTs from Metaverse and NFTs from NFT luminaries like Sneaker. 

What is the Don Score in Aglet?

Your Don score is determined by comparing your Aglet’s performance with that of other players. Don scores reflect how well you perform relative to other Aglets players on a global game that gives global rankings. Scores range from 0 to 999, and they are not accurate. Don scores are distinct from regular scores based on how far virtual sneakers walk and how many Aglet points they accumulate. 

Check Don score

See how much you have done. If you do not, that’s the result of not playing for one week, or the game has not been updated on Aglet yet. Several other factors may hinder the view of your Don score. For example, you will not receive your Don Score at Aglet if you don’t play Wednesday. 

The Don Score is calculated in a continuous manner, and these steps are required to keep it consistent. These are the steps necessary to calculate the Don Score. What’s in your bag of goods? 

Can You Add Friends On Aglet?

Yes. You can invite other people into our Aglet app too. A friends list will give you extra rewards and the company of your friends. How do I earn money using the Aglet app? 

You can earn rewards by finishing and gaining an Aglet membership. If your partner signs in and completes 10000 steps (including verification steps), you can earn as much as 1000 Aglet coins. 

One of the good features is that a friend makes 1,000 Aglets. 

More about the Aglet app.

Using Aglets App, you may buy and sell sneakers online using your Aglet account. You may earn Aglets Points, purchase a new digital sneaker, or even receive gold aglet coins in some cases. Alternatively, as you move, you may discover an authentic sneaker concealed behind one of those treasure straps. 

Sign In To Your Aglet

Please don’t purchase your shoe before taking a step. Register first if you can. Can you get an Agrilet account? Upon starting the Aglet app, you may choose your shoes. Nike Air Force 1 shoes provide superior security and comfort despite their color scheme. 

Check the Average Earning Rate

On the wear page, the Average earnings rate on the right-hand side and the Standard earnings rate on the left-hand side of the shoe can be seen. 

Check Boosted steps

You should click on the column above if there are any options for boosting your step count. Boost steps depend on how long your walking/running is in your shoes. Please select a shoe near you; it doesn’t mean you must purchase expensive shoes.

Completing activation.

Please complete the necessary data, including username, email password, and referral code 4DEB6C. If you’ve got this code, don’t miss enter it in the ‘Setting up my profile section. You’ll learn why it matters. Click Save on the screen.

Click On Cop’em

Cop’em offers a variety of options. Click here to begin unpacking the virtual Sneaker. Click on the Cop’em Options, click Yes, open the shoe you chose, and gently swipe the covers over the shoe. You rock now.

Set up your account

It’s there that you start registering and then can earn aglet points and many rewards from it. After clicking Next, the site opens. It’s just above the wear pages. Then you could register via Facebook or Snapchat.

Start walking

Ultimately we need to walk, as easy as this sounds. If you do nothing, you’re no longer earning the step. Depending upon where the account is saved, the next shoe will go on your shelf for the future.

Swipe Up On Your Virtual Shoe

Then, on the Wear page, you can wear shoes for walking and running on this site. Swipe gently onto a shoe, and you will notice an increased walk.

Aglet Step Rewards

Aglet reward is a reward for your walking activity earned through walking. You get rewarded when you go on walks. Does this seem easy to do? It is possible to get an angle point for gaining free sneakers or a gold Aglet. Usually, this happens only occasionally.

How can I earn Aglet Points?

Aglet Point is available in a variety of ways. It’s simple, and you must start earning Eaglet points. They’ll be easy. You may receive rewards in the following four methods: 

By walking

Select virtual sneakers to check out in the Aglet app. It is a numbering step that you can earn by taking the Agrilets Point system. The Aglet App will start running, and you can close the app. This will be very helpful during a rainy day. However, indoor steps do not require verification; that’s 1000 steps at the same time. Among these steps, a mere 400 steps are deemed verified steps.

By running

Running is often dull, but you can do more in fewer days, which increases your walking ability to raise as much as possible to gain an Aglet Point.

By collecting

You can collect Aglet sneakers at certain spots in your city. Try to walk in your town and check locations that hide the sneak. Usually, you can get one sneak every day.

App Privacy

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