Simply as that! Everything indicates that we will have a sensation in the crypto world this September 13, Don’t miss it! Instantly convert your steps into SWEAT with the App.

In this Sweatcoin Review we will take a look at our SWEAT updates.

What is Sweatcoin, and how does it impact our health?

Before I say anything about Sweetcoin, I will first answer the main question; We tried the sweatcoin app and checked to see if we had become more active and had earned rewards that motivated us.

And the answer is YES! Almost no day passed without being more active precisely because of how Sweetcoin works and its advantages.

It is often problematic for people to exercise and can be tedious.

Even worse, would it be a mistake for someone to stop doing this because they have no interest in the idea and cannot see a quick result? Lack of motivation is widespread.

Sometimes you’re unable to get outdoors for walks or runs. Fatigue and lack of energy affect our daily workouts. Sometimes this causes us to avoid exercising.

Is it possible that cryptocurrencies could change that? Move to Earn projects involve gamification processes in their arenas. 

Gamification impact on crypto games.

Gamification is a process where a gamer gets instant compensation to his cryptocurrency wallet when he reaches specific goals while playing a game. 

The human brain gets immediate impulses when receiving a reward and releases dopamine.

As we know, dopamine is applied in the reward and motivation process, then in memory, attention, and even the regulation of body movements.

Sweatcoin has seen that gamification opportunities could motivate and encourage people to exercise and remain healthy by offering reward incentives. The Gamification process was done excellently by Sweatcoin; the evolution to M2E started.

M2E applications in the game market and Sweatcoin.

The actuality of Move to Earn games is at an all-time high, and many Play to Earn apps are competing to become market leaders.

The most famous is StepN, which launched a few months ago and today has a community of over 2.3 million monthly active users, attracting over half a million daily.

And there is also the Step app, their main blockchain competitor. The application is not even launched yet, and there are already 20 million registered users who can earn SNEAK. And which will be necessary for counting steps.

Sweatcoin has revolutionized the fitness condition of its users with several levels of rewards for more than six years. One hundred million users love the Sweatcoin app!

Sweatcoin has revolutionized the fitness industry by creating an app with several reward levels and has been on the market for over six years. Sweatcoin app loved by more than 90 million!
They had 150,000 users on the first day of the app’s launch alone, which has grown to more than 90 million users.

For this 2022 year, they are the number one app for downloads in the Health and Fitness category and the second place among all types.

On what date is the sweat TGE?

This summer, Sweatcoin will jump on the Move to Earn fitfi trend. Sweatcoin is supported on the Ethereum network and uses the NEAR protocol as its blockchain.

The SWEAT TGE has been announced for 13. September! 

SWEAT Token Generation Event 12TH September
SWEAT TGE The biggest airdrop in crypto

In September, SweatCo Ltd will migrate to the Sweat Foundation. SWEAT will be launched.


SWEAT Token Generation Event will be on September 13, 2022!

For every sweatcoin collected by walking before launch, you will receive 1 SWEAT. This 1:1 rate will never happen again, as Sweatcoin says.

During the six years of using the Sweatcoin app, users have taken almost 23 trillion steps and minted 23 billion sweatcoins. After the Token Generation Event, every sweatcoin will airdrop one SWEAT. The expected market capitalization is about 23 billion SWEATs.

In the future, both Sweatcoins and SWEAT will continue to be mined as active tokens that are earned as you walk. These are the coins you earn while walking.

Sweatcoin will not be able to be traded, and SWEAT will be able to change, i.e., cash. Sweatcoins will still be able to be used to buy attractive goods from over 1000 partner brands that Sweatcoin has.

About Sweatcoin trust.

Sweatcoin has built trust for the last six years in the best way. This is proven by over 90 million active users, and over 600 brands that are involved.

That trust was built before crypto and the Sweatcoin app is currently the 2nd most downloaded app globally.

Thanks to the exceptions, nobody in the crypto had such a vast community before, but that was developing or meme communities.

Those September, we will see what is the power of real community.

Like what you read? Please join us to walk together to make a better and healthier world.

What is Sweatcoin? What is a SWEAT?

Sweatco LTD was launched in 2016 by Oleg Fomenko and Anton Derlyatka. So more than six years, they have been involved in one idea, intersecting physical health benefits with cryptocurrencies, allowing the users to be rewarded when walking. The more you walk more SWEAT tokens will have.

“Your movement has value. If Sweat Economy did not exist, your movement would still have a value.” – Sweatcoin statement

When users start with the app, they will see: “You are walking for your future crypto tokens.” That is true.

Sweatcoin tracks your steps and simply converts them to sweatcoins. With sweatcoins, you can purchase high-branded items. There are many digital items, premium courses, gift card vouchers anti-gravity yoga classes…

Among physical objects, there can be purchased from high-tech shoes to iPhones, Apple Watches, and more!

Or you can participate in many charity programs and donate to various environmental, animal preservation causes, and humanitarian. With donation charity campaigns such as Sweatcoin for Good. They are an official partner of Save the Children.

SWEAT token

Sweat will be a blockchain-based token, and initial issuance is based on sweatcoin holders. Will enable DeFi features. The Sweat Economy will be allowed to access web3 Defi and be listed on Cex and Dex exchanges.

So you can exchange or trade SWEAT for Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency. Literally, you can say, “I walk and earn Bitcoin.”

Until the SWEAT TGE, a rate will be 1:1 without burning participating sweatcoins, giving an effective rate of 1,000 verified steps to 1 SWEAT.

After TGE, the only way to mint new sweat coins is by movement, verified by a Movement Validator.

After TGE, only a user’s first 5,000 steps will mint SWEAT; anything above will create sweatcoins. 

SWEAT will be available at TGE as an ERC-20 (Ethereum) token and nep-141 (NEAR) token.

What should be maintained in mind is that the SWEAT uses a deflationary model, which means that every year more steps will need to be taken to make 1 SWEAT: 

  • First-year (same as currently) required 1000 steps for 1 SWEAT. Hurry up to use this opportunity.
  • In the second year, 4,900 steps for 1 SWEAT will be necessary.
  • After five years, 16,100 steps.
  • And for 10 years, you will have to make 45,000 steps. 

This process is similar to a Bitcoin halving, where after each halving, BTC gained 10x. That should mean that it will be more difficult to earn one SWEAT which gives the SWEAT tokens enormous potential in terms of long-term holdings.

Nobody knows what exactly will be after the SWEAT tokens launch because there were no cryptocurrency projects that isn’t started with such a huge and real physic active community of over 90 million users.

And at least another 100 million users are also expected to join after the application launch.

To stimulate movement in infinity, the Foundation will introduce an inactivity fee; the DAO will charge users a fee if their activity consistently falls below a given threshold.

Not only does this aligns with their mission of encouraging consistent routines, but it will also contribute to the exponentially reducing rate of inflation (the exact details of the fee will be left to SWEAT holders, who govern the DAO).

About the SWEAT wallet?

Sweatcoin has recently launched its crypto wallet and can boast that it only takes 21 days for 2 million sweat wallets.

For comparison, Ronin (Axxie) needed 69 days, StepN 150 days, Solana 270, Avalanche 320 days, and Near 350 days to get the same, 2 Million wallets open. SWEAT wallet makes difference.

About Sweatcoin application ratings and social community

The sweatcoin application has half a million reviews, 4.6 reviews from the IOS app store users, and 4.5 from android app store users, and the Sweatcoin is Number One app in 36 countries. Colossal potential.

Now we will see what potential has the power of 100 million people entering crypto! Be prepared.

Sweatcoin social media

Sweatcoin has a decent community that will grow fast as the TGE event will be closer. But the real strength is reflected in the fact that the app is number one in 36 countries.

  • Reddit 1800 +
  • Twitter 203.000 +
  • Telegram 18800 +
  • Discord 78.000 +

Sweatcoin and UK government cooperation

National Health Services of London is partnered with the Sweat economy to research if people with the installed app can improve their a1c levels for type 2 diabetes.

Just on the first day, 33 app users participated in that program. Also, they partnered with BUPA. 

All those partnerships give one cryptocurrency company considerable trust.

About SWEAT movement validators

During that time they have a lot of issues that users had to trick the app. Sweatcoins solved almost all tricks that are promoted on which teaches people to trick and pretend that is active.

They pass many cases like a dog in the park, putting a wearable or phone on various drills, fans, metronomes, many kinds of cradles…

So don’t try to trick, that will not count your steps, and that has not a good community practice.

They have made many improvements to his movement validator over time to be sure that the measure refers to walking.

Their movement validator is constantly evolving so in the near future we can expect many sorts of movement validators that can recognize biking, dancing, swimming, Yoga, High-Intensity training, and many sports validators. 

Others about benefits of the physical activity

“Physical activity has significant health benefits for hearts, bodies, and minds. [It] contributes to preventing and managing noncommunicable diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, cancer, and diabetes.”

Physical activity – WHO | World Health Organization.

“It can reduce your risk of major illnesses, such as coronary heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, and cancer and lower your risk of early death by up to 30%.” – Benefits of exercise


Does Swetcoin keep our data secure?

Sweatcoin has never sold user data, nor will it do so in the future, but it will create a platform that will be controlled exclusively by the client. 

If the user wants, he will dispose of all the data about his movements to even achieve benefits with his insurance companies, doctors, and companies that would pay for this data. 

This action gives us more opportunities for extra rewards.

Ways how to Earn SWEAT have several rewarding levels.

  1. The main is earning by steps – 1000 steps for one SWEAT.
  2. Referral program – Five SWEAT for each friend that you invite.
  3. Watching high branded ads – you have 3 spins a day – 0.1 to 1000 sweat coins you can win.
  4. You can participate in monthly challenges, where it is a challenge to reach 250k steps in that month, and for sure, you will get 25 SWEAT coins, and if you are lucky, you can earn valuable rewards.
    For July 2022, 5 random sweaters will get the $100 Adidas free card. Last month was an Apple watch series 7 worth $479.
  5. Premium account – You can double your earnings by activating a yearly premium account for just 13 to 25 dollars, depending on the country. Don’t miss that! Then you will earn 2 SWEATs for 1000 steps.

Furthermore, in phase 2 – Quarter 4, after the TGE, there will be new possibilities:

  1. Crypto to Crypto trading
  2. Fiat-on-Ramp
  3. NFT Marketplace
  4. B2C incentives

What if I want to compete with friends?

Take action. The Sweatcoin app allows you to follow friends and family members and create an online leaderboard where people are ranked for their health and fitness goals.

Can I send Sweatcoin to friends or family?

It is. On Apps, you can send a message to a friend. Pick that and choose who you wish to send SweatCoins to. A credited person can use Sweatcoin on their own.

What separates SWEAT from other Move to Earn projects?

SWEAT will make the NFT marketplace, but NFTs will be owned by users for free, which means no one will have to pay for NFT to walk.

As someone who aims to reach billion people in the future is natural to give absolute free entrance and use the steps. You don’t need to buy sneakers to be able to walk!

How many sweatcoins are 10000 steps?

So by walking 10,000 steps daily you will gain 10 SWEAT coins.

Where to buy SWEAT tokens?

SWEAT Token Generation Event is realized on September 13 and already is listed on many CEX exchanges such as Bybit, Bitfinex, Kucoin, FTX, OKX, and DEX exchanges; Uniswap (erc-20) and (nep-141).

Important! SWEAT is not listed on Pancake swap so stay away from it’s a scam.

From September 14. NEAR, become a liquidity provider to the SWEAT pool, and earn. How to yield farm with SWEAT you can be read here.

SWEAT become a giant with over 120 million users over the world so it is not odd why exchanges are competing to list them. One of the first is MEXC, so you can read our MEXC review here.

For the end of the review and hopefully happier beginning with the SWEAT tokens.

The Sweatcoin app is straightforward to use. In three clicks, you installed the application and opened the wallet, and that’s it.

The only thing left is to walk and be active; you will feel better and positively affect your environment.

If you have found interesting things here, join us to walk together. We both will earn 5 SWEAT tokens.