Step App is launching on August 15 with Usain Bolt as Brand Ambassador! 

The Step App, a FITFI platform that represents a gamified fitness economy, officially launches its private beta version with an eight-fold winning golden Olympic medal and an 11-way world champion, Usain Bolt, considered the greatest sprinter of all time. Usain Bolt will be a brand ambassador.

With the Step app, the Blocking Economy spreads out of finance by including lifestyle, fitness, and game elements. The platform transforms daily exercise activities such as walking a dog or a daily jog in the park into social activities or contests with friends and strangers that stimulate consumers to earn while rehearsing for financial freedom.

Bolt, the leading ambassador of the brand, will help millions of users worldwide. Still, it counts to attract other partners of top brands and government organizations that share the vision of Step App for a healthier world. By the way, this ex-athlete is passionate about finding ways to intertwine financial technology and fitness, created by the perfect ambassador.

“Training has been and is still a massive part of my life. When I learned what team in Step App is built, I was immediately inspired, and I wanted to be part of this significant global movement, “Bolt says. “In the past, I said that we need to encourage, and I would like to encourage many people to live healthier and more satisfying lives through the Step application. We’re just beginning.”

The long-awaited launch will provide access to more than 20 million users who have accessed exercise, socialize, play, and earns the “sneaks” brands and digital footwear that users can buy, trade, and wear digitally on platforms. Making a KCal token with each Step, the application will open specific economic opportunities in the United States and countries worldwide.

Step app is the move-to-earn web3 platform leveraging blockchain technology to promote healthy living. 

Step blockchain mainnet goes live on August 15

Built-in Avalanche, Step is rich in intellectual property that can be created and is based on the original metaverse. The Step App is a springboard and key potential partner for mainstream, crypto to beginner brands and corporations they want to grow.

Perpetual Staking Delegation explained and updated.

Perpetual Staking Delegation: Preview Secure the network; earn boosted yield. Step blockchain mainnet goes live on August 15. A significant yield function goes live with it: delegation rewards. 

A. Delegation Explained Step ecosystem runs on its PoS blockchain. $FITFI tokens must be staked to be part of network validation. 

Delegation allows the community to be part of network security without buying infrastructure. A seamless process available on the web & app lets the community delegate FITFI stake to validators, who share transaction fees.

B. Massive Decentralization Step, with its brand & celebrity deals, is on #RoadTo10Million users. With a fiat plugin, the mobile app makes $FITFI tokens at people’s fingertips worldwide. Delegations are built into the app, making the process hyper simple.

Step App is a quick, affordable blockchain based on Avalanche Network that will lodge a metaverse. It has ready-to-deploy software evolution kits (SDKs) for NFT infrastructure, smart contract solutions, etc.

Step pursues the highest distribution of stake, creating an ultra-secure network – where everyone is rewarded through the sustainability of transaction fees. Step Mainnet 7 Days of Growth $FITFI MoveToEarn.