Hello, my name is Valmark, and I am an analyst with a deep-rooted passion for the realms of NFTs, crypto gaming, and meme culture. My journey in these innovative fields is not just professional but also a personal exploration of the digital frontier.


Since 2021, I have been curating an NFT gallery, a venture that represents my commitment to the world of digital art and blockchain technology. This gallery is a testament to my belief in NFTs as not just a digital asset but also a medium for artistic expression and financial opportunity.

Beyond my professional endeavors, I am a nature lover at heart. My affinity for the outdoors drives me to find a balance between the digital world and the natural environment. I find solace and inspiration in being connected with nature, and it’s this connection that often reflects in my work and life philosophy.
Valmark an NFT analyst and crypto gaming enthusiast with a deep love for nature

My pursuit in the crypto and NFT space is guided by a desire to discover the most profitable avenues that not only yield financial returns but also afford us the freedom to enjoy life’s simple pleasures. I believe in leveraging the potential of digital assets to create more time for what truly matters – being free and immersed in the natural world.

As a contributor to ‘https://nft-crypto.info/‘, my aim is to share insights that are not only informative but also enlightening, helping others navigate the complex yet exciting world of digital currencies and assets. My writing seeks to bridge the gap between the technical world of blockchain and the beauty of the world outside our screens.

In essence, my work is a journey through the digital landscape, underpinned by a deep appreciation for nature and a quest for freedom. It’s a journey I am eager to share with you through my analyses and experiences in the NFT and crypto gaming spaces.

SWEAT Walk-to-Earn Game Involvement:

In my exploration of the crypto space, I’ve actively engaged with innovative platforms like the SWEAT Walk-to-Earn game. concept of earning rewards through physical activity, echoing the SWEAT app

This unique blend of fitness and blockchain technology resonates with my love for the outdoors and my interest in how digital assets can integrate into our daily lives. My participation in SWEAT exemplifies my belief in the potential of gamified crypto experiences to encourage healthier lifestyles while also offering financial benefits.

Involvement in Sorare Game. Join Sorare Valmark Teams:

Another facet of my crypto journey is my involvement in Sorare, the global fantasy football game. As a fan of both sports and blockchain, Sorare has been a natural fit for me, allowing me to delve into the world of sports NFTs.

Join Sorare using my referral link, verify your identity, buy 5 football cards within 30 days, and we both receive $20.00 in credits for Auctions or Instant Buys.

Join Sorare Valmark Team

inspired by the themes of Sorare

This experience has not only been a fun and engaging way to connect with the sports world but also a fascinating insight into how NFTs can transform traditional hobbies into interactive digital experiences. You can read my Sorare starter guide.

Passion for Discovering Meme Coins:

Beyond traditional crypto assets, I have a keen interest in discovering the next big meme coins. These digital assets, often driven by community support and cultural trends, represent an exciting and unpredictable side of the cryptocurrency market.

discovering meme coins in the cryptocurrency market

My enthusiasm for meme coins stems from a desire to understand and participate in the cultural phenomena that drive their value and popularity. This aspect of my work reflects my fascination with the dynamic and often whimsical nature of the crypto world.

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