NFT domains play a big role today as we mentioned last year. One of the leading domain name-based companies is Unstoppable Domains inc, San Francisco, shortly UD. They are tied to a blockchain rather than to the traditional Domain Name System (DNS).

Specifically, Unstoppable Domains manages .crypto expansions (attached to the Ethereum blockchain) and .zil augmentations (attached to the Zilliqa blockchain). This implies you can make and own an NFT domain.



Latest from UD

A newest UD cooperation with the Abu Dhabi Investment Office intend to give a free NFT domain to all women in Abu Dhabi and give them the opportunity to enter the world of Web3.

June 2020.

Numbers nft domain name drop 

The UD number nft domains sale is here!


3 digit domains are rare & limited by extension of being available only from 001-999 in each extension. 


Join the exclusive UD 10k Club by scoring a new number NFT domain.


108.nft… 369.x… 432.bitcoin… 999.zil now supports Unstoppable Domains’ NFT domain endings, which means users can send/receive crypto with their domain name (like jeremy.crypto or alex.nft) 

Form today, 06. 16. 2022 you can buy a premium, exclusive .blockchain username.  

.Blockchain TLD

Over 37 million users can say goodbye to long, complicated wallet addresses and instead use easy-to-remember NFT domains. Members can choose from top-level domains such as .crypto, .nft, .x, .wallet, and more!

If you are bored with renewal fees for the website domain names you can consider purchasing at least one nft domain, because you will pay only once, when buying.

All domain purchases are a one-time payment. No renewal fees.

What separates nft domains from customary webspace suppliers is its total free command over the nft domain name you make with no renewal fees. Whenever you buy a space name from Unstoppable Domains, you completely own it rather than simply leasing it out.


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You can then alter, move, or connect your area to any crypto administration you need without obstructing relentless areas. Relentless Domains, a startup making personality applications fit a blockchain-based Web 3 world, has sent off solitary sign-on assistance utilizing non-fungible token (NFT) areas for Ethereum and Polygon.

NFT domains for Ethereum network .blockchain, .coin, .crypto, .dao, .bitcoin, .nft, .wallet, .x and .888. On the Zilliqa network is .zil. 

How to claim NFT domains?

Purchasing a .crypto domain name from resembles purchasing digital money on a concentrated cryptographic money trade: you have a claim to the cryptocurrency addresses, but you haven’t actually taken custody of it (not your keys, not your coins).

To claim your nft domain, you want to move it from Unstoppable Domains to a location you hold the way to.

Remember that domain names are non-fungible tokens (NFT domains), popular known as NFT domains. Assuming that you purchased a .crypto domain, your NFT lives on the Ethereum blockchain, so you want to move it to an Ethereum wallet.

How to claim Zil domain?

Assuming you bought a .zil domain and you have to go through the registration process, your NFT lives on the Zilliqa blockchain, so you want to move it to a Zilliqa wallet. Here is the cycle for asserting NFT domain names:

  • Go to and tap on the menu at the upper left.
  • Choose My Domains

Whenever you look down, you should see your bought domain name and the choice to “Guarantee WITH ETH” or “Purchase CLAIM CREDIT.” For the “Guarantee WITH ETH” choice, you’ll have to pay the gas fees to guarantee your NFT domain.

Assuming that you tap “Purchase CLAIM CREDIT,” you’ll pay $40 (using the installment strategy for your decision) to nft domains, who will then manage the gas for the transaction on your behalf.

Then, you’ll have to affirm your personality by entering the code shipped off your email by them.

The following stage is to pick your wallet for a guarantee. Unfortunately, you can’t utilize a Bitcoin address to guarantee your nft domains, so you’ll have to use one of the upheld wallets.

To purchase your own NFT domain, follow these steps.

Go to Unstoppable Domains

Click on the pursuit button at the highest point.

You’ll need to sign in or make a record.
After settling on the domain names you need, you can add them to your truck and checkout.
You can pay with a credit card, PayPal, or crypto.

Then, affirm your personality by checking the OTP shipped off you utilizing email.
Presently, select a wallet for asserting, and afterward, you will start an exchange to send your nft domain to your location. When the business is done, you will have stated your area effectively.

What can you do with your NFT domain?

At present, the principal use case is to relate quite a few difficult-to-peruse cryptographic addresses with a solitary intelligible domain name. For instance, assuming that you purchase the space name brand .crypto, you can tie your Ethereum, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash wallets, and other digital currency locations to it.

Individuals utilizing upheld wallet addresses can then send any digital form of money to you by entering your brand .crypto in the send field instead of entering the wallet address, the typical long alphanumeric string for every individual digital money.

You can likewise fabricate website domains and have your domain name highlight them.

Are NFT domains safe?

Crypto domains are protected because once you guarantee that the website domain exists under your location on the blockchain, meaning they are essentially as secure as the blockchain itself.

Likewise, the NFT domain can’t be controlled or impeded by anybody, so your website will never be in danger of being down due to outside obstruction.
The Unstoppable Domains site where you buy NFTs is protected and can get two-factor confirmation.

Web2 digital reputation and web3 solutions.

Your digital reputation is important more than ever.

We are witnessing today’s collection of personal dates from everywhere. Company websites collect your information without you even knowing how much.

Everything is recorded somewhere, what you write, say, like, share, and with whom. All of this information represents your digital reputation.

An average person has hundreds of accounts created during life. Each account has collected certain data about you and it is really hard to manage all those data.

Do you experience that you have to make a reputation on social media for each account from scratch again and again? For example, you have a big community on Twitter but not at TicToc, and so on.

Maybe you are one of those who experienced a ban on some social platform? In web2 space is so normal. And what, the all memories you have there, pictures, posts, contacts, some unique persons… they all gone in a second on time of the ban.

Are you bored to keep a dozen of passwords?

With the NFT domain, you can log in everywhere with just ONE name, which could be your brand name, you can connect your crypto wallet and easily send and receive crypto assets to Yourbrandname.nft instead of actual cryptocurrency addresses that are hard to remember.

Are you checked your brand at UD yet?

You can build your unique profile reputation in web3 and only you control what will be in public and what not.


NFT domains are an exceptionally fascinating development and one of the significant advances that have a genuine possibility of supplanting, or enhancing, DNS for the web.

So perhaps now is the time to purchase your Unstoppable domain name. It’s really no surprise that the research for blockchain-based domains has skyrocketed, as more people are looking into this, hoping to be the preferred choice and capitalize on this new find.

UD has no control of your nft domain and nobody can block or restrict any access to your domain after they minted.

You own the private keys to the wallet address storing your domain name, and nobody will be able to take your domain/website/content/settings away from you.